Cirque Du Soleil: Love (Beatles)

Saturday night I finally saw the latest in the Cirque Du Soleil oeuvre, Love. First, let me state that it was wonderful through and through and I highly recommend into to anyone as entertainment. However, this should not be the first Cirque you ever see. I’ll explain why below.

The music was outstanding, but that’s because it’s the Beatles. You must realize that this means there is no live band, so you don’t get that as part of your experience. Instead, it’s the Beatles singing, via CD I assume. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it’s not how you should see your first Cirque. Part of that joy is the entire experience.

Love also has people speaking in English as well as the now ubiquitous “Cirque Language.” It loses a bit of charm and mystery that way. Nothing wrong with that, but certainly you need to experience that for your first Cirque. On the plus side, there’s no mystery to this story of four lads and their music. Various songs are represented in acrobatic ways.

There’s a lot less acrobatic stuff and a lot more theatrical stuff. Also decidedly non-Cirque. Again, seeing the songs brought to life is really cool but this is not something one should see as the first Cirque show. Again, everything that goes on is miraculous. We saw the show from row two, right up against the stage (this is in-the-round) and had a great view.

This Cirque borrows a page from Blue Man and has a bit of audience participation. It’s a pretty neat effect. And of course the acting is superb, and everything is very well presented. This is a fantastic show, and all you Cirque groupies need to see this show.

Many of your favourite Beatles songs are represented, but a fair amount of popular hits aren’t — so be prepared to not hear a song you love. You have to realize they can’t include everything — but the way they randomly sample songs together to make the introductory pieces insures you will hear at least a clip of your favourite Beatles song.

This show rocks. Playing now at the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ka is a better Cirque show by all measures except the music — and I saw Ka (again) this trip as well. But that being said, I still think I like this better.

All you need is Love.

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