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NHL Florida Panthers Hockey Message Boards

Hello! Last week an exciting beta test began for a small group of hockey fans. Today, I am pleased to open the beta test for everyone — all hockey fans are welcome. I’ll put the URL at the bottom of this post, but read on first. I’ve created a Message Board System running phpBB — […]

Florida Panther Season Ticket Renewals and Playoff Tickets

INTRODUCTION Originally written in my blog was this bit about the Panthers: Whither Yon NHL Florida Panthers? in which I wondered what the hell was wrong with the Florida Panthers and endeavoured to point out some of the things they’ve screwed up. Naturally, the response was tepid — apparently unless I am writing about Why […]

Whither Yon NHL Florida Panthers?

It’s time for me to weigh in on two topics. And, I’m going to go out on a limb here by publicly trashing the appropriate people. I made two posts on my Panthers List. I have edited them and am putting them here for the whole world. (It’d be better if comments were posted to […]

Rob’s Blog and a catchy tune (Pluma-Pluma)

You’ve just got to see this. These are from my friend Rob’s blog. This was just too rich for an e-mail and I thought it should be here permanently. The links are now listed out here in-full for your viewing pleasure, and more importantly these are the original videos and not the edited ones that […]