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Hello! Last week an exciting beta test began for a small group of hockey fans. Today, I am pleased to open the beta test for everyone — all hockey fans are welcome. I’ll put the URL at the bottom of this post, but read on first.

I’ve created a Message Board System running phpBB — a bulletin board system. It is fully customizable and works in many languages (so if you prefer to operate in, say, Spanish, I can install a language pack for you — just ask me).

Optionally you can do many things, including:
a. add a little graphic “avatar” to identify yourself
b. Add links to email, IM clients, and homepages
c. Add your hometown
d. Post using italics, bold, fonts, and use hyperlinks
e. Use emoticons “smileys”
f. Change the default display style “theme” to one of several I have installed. [anyone who can help me make a Panther theme should e-mail me.]
g. Change the format of the date/time to your local format

h. Turn/on off many of the features if you prefer a stripped-down version

i. hide/show your online status

j. Get an e-mail notification when someone replies to your posts

If you want to muck around, there is a TEST FORUM where you can post meaningless tripe, make new topics, and do whatever you want within reason to see how it works. When we go live, I will delete this test forum.

Only members will be allowed to post to the boards when they go live — if you do not register you will not be able to post. Once you register and log-in, some additional hidden forums will appear.

I have made areas for Panthers, Affiliates, Prospects, Hockey (NOT Panthers), Not hockey (anything else), and there is a private area for PAID members of the Florida Panthers Booster Club . Booster club members must contact the club management and they must instruct me to add your name to this forum.

After you register and log-in for the first time, please go to the “From Your Moderator” section and read the READ ME FIRST post. Our main web-page TOS has been updated to reflect the message boards as well.

http://www.panthershockey.net/bbs.html this URL will always work no matter where I may move the board. The current board URL may not be final so stick with the one above 🙂

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

— E

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