A literal pain in the neck

Yesterday, I found out I have a slipped vertebrae or disc in my neck. It’s the one right where my neck passes my shoulder. I’m not quite clear on which, but more information will be given to me this Saturday when I return to the doctor. I do know it’s painful as hell. This has, obviously, got me a bit worried. And, as I said, it hurts like all hell. I am rather upset about it too.

The Back Story: I was fine Monday morning. I got out of bed and proceeded to do all those other things one does in the bathroom whilst preparing for work. I started to brush my teeth and got this searing pain in my left shoulder (on the backside in the soft mushy part near my neck) which literally dropped me to my knees in mid brush.

I figured it was a pinched nerve, and it would go away by the following day. Tuesday it was no better and was a bit worse, and that night in bed was hellish pain. Wednesday morning I called and ended up seeing a Chiropractor who took an x-ray. I have no medical training and could see the problem right away. Sure enough, he told me, “you have one of the straightest spines I’ve ever seen on a 40 year old, except for this one spot here” and then went on to tell me that was what was causing most of the pain. He showed me body diagrams and what not, but it was all over my head. He thinks he can fix it, but we’ll see. (I have faith in chiropractors having used them successfully in the past.)

If I move my head at all, or my left shoulder I want to cry like a girl. He said he won’t likely recommend an operation, and he said where the problem is happening is an extremely dangerous place to operate. But if the pain doesn’t go away, I’m going to have my neck amputated at the shoulders.

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