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Mises jour aléatoires pour aujourd’hui

Ah, yes, today is a day. I recognized it as such when I awakened. On the plus side, I think I got damned near five total hours of sleep last night, nearly three of them in a row. That’s a big improvement, and I’m pretty sure the problem with my sleep is the neck which […]

I was In a Bad, High Speed Car Accident Today

I was driving home today, and there was a light drizzle. I was on NW 41st Street just past 97th Avenue headed west, driving relatively slowly because of the bad road conditions. This is just in front of the Publix. The car in front of me stopped — for no apparent reason — but I […]

MRI Results

Today, I received my MRI results. There are three components to the results. [This image is no longer available] The above picture is for illustrative purposes as to the locations of my pain and such. I feel some where the small red dot is, but it’s primarily now located up by the big red dot. […]

More Tidbits. Everyone loves a tidbit.

I went to the Chiropractor today. My shoulder feels noticeably better right now, but overall, it will return to crap in a few hours. I hate that. The pain has slowly been moving further towards the top. My AC at home is still not behaving properly and it’s got me pissed off. I’ll revisit this […]

A literal pain in the neck

Yesterday, I found out I have a slipped vertebrae or disc in my neck. It’s the one right where my neck passes my shoulder. I’m not quite clear on which, but more information will be given to me this Saturday when I return to the doctor. I do know it’s painful as hell. This has, […]