Mises jour aléatoires pour aujourd’hui

Ah, yes, today is a day. I recognized it as such when I awakened. On the plus side, I think I got damned near five total hours of sleep last night, nearly three of them in a row. That’s a big improvement, and I’m pretty sure the problem with my sleep is the neck which is getting worse and worse and the pain level is getting greater and greater. If any of my local friends can recommend a good and honest chiropractor or massage therapist, please email me. I’ve made several attempts but they’re either quacks (as so many are) or they’re dishonest and way over-bill the insurance company, and I want no part of that.

I saw Timmy today for the first time since April or thereabouts. He’s mostly okay and it was nice to see him again. I really can’t discuss his situation here because it’s his story and not mine. That would be very inappropriate, but I think we may hear from him again now.

Next random thought is Starbucks. Many of their stores are having that Via taste challenge with their new instant coffee. We (Timmy and I) figured what the Hell and went in to take it. They gave us a shot of number one and I tasted it and said immediately “you’ve burnt the coffee” and it was very burnt because the guy behind me had the same reaction. Really burnt tasting. He didn’t respond to my accusation at all despite me repeating it thrice. Then we got cup two which was not burnt, but very watery. Then he asks which one do you like and I say “two because I prefer watery over burnt” and he said that I had picked the instant. FAIL. All they do is make coffee all day and I am wondering if they rigged the test. The aftertaste was so bad we went to 7/11 to get Slurpees to drown out the taste. They have Fanta Apple which is a new flavour and it’s quite good. They had my second favourite too, Banana, so it was a rough call.

We went to Best Buy and looked at laptops to replace the one from work that’s gone AWOL. I really want the MacBook Pro because it’s sweet, but I’m not sure I can cost justify it. I need OpenOffice, Firefox, and a mail application plus CD+RW and Ethernet, USB, and wireless internet. Almost anything can run that, and the cost difference is substantial. I think I’m going to lose this battle and end up with a relatively low end 15″ Wintel machine. cries  I went to the Apple store figuring they’d be helpful. They were very crowded, there was a twenty name waiting list to even talk to a salesperson to ask questions. (Not the genius bar, but just a salesperson.) We left.

Went to the bookstore and bought a book. I am having another DirecTV issue — nothing bad, just odd. Channel 264, Thursday at 9pm is Skins. The DirecTV guide shows it as the series two season finale (Chris’s funeral) but BBCA is claiming it’s series three season finale and my TiFaux isn’t set to record it. I can manually override, but this is most curious.

Next up, I am wondering if anyone can help me with this. I’m sure some of you remember old-fashioned BASIC programming with line numbers and such:

10 print “A”
20 input x
30 on x GOTO 10, 20, 30

I am wondering if anyone knows how to convert that BASIC (similar to AC BASIC, AppleSoft, Microsoft BASIC 1.0) to RealBASIC. I’d like to convert some stuff and make it available to people as self-contained applications. I know a full conversion can’t happen and I’ll need to do some manual adjustments, but the thought of converting some 20,000 lines of codes doesn’t excite me. I’ve tried Omikron BASIC but it’s got some issues reading the files and it doesn’t play so well with newer machines.

I did some work with Snow Leopard today and made things work more to my liking. Yay. Facebook is totally screwed again today. It breaks an awful lot. Status updates come and go for some people, others don’t show up, others twice. Blech.

My stalker didn’t visit the blog today, but I’m getting hits from Washington, DC on my complaint against Nucor. Many are direct Google searches. That’s a sign of some sort, but not sure what. Also getting lots of searches for the other Eric Seiden in South Florida (the one with the middle initial T
who stole $1,8 million dollars). If you’re looking forEric T. Seiden,
he now lives in either Boca or Tamarac — a proper Google search will find him. I don’t know him, nor do I want to. From the searches I’ve seen he’s probably in more trouble with the SEC over the same stuff he did previously. The people looking for him all trace back to law firms, government addresses, and whatnot. There’s a third Eric Seiden, and he’s a photographer in Colorado, and pretty damned good one too. Him, you should check out on his website

 Oh, and I finally saw the David Letterman confession monologue. It’s here
and is about 10 minutes long.

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