The Dolphins! J-Lo! Twitter!

Thank God! The Dolphins finally won a game. And they did it convincingly! Skating ended up being cancelled today. Evan, John, Liz, and Pablo all bailed so I ended up home alone. More on that later. So, around 145 Karen showed up and we drove off to Landshark Stadium. That’s a great name for a football stadium where a team called the Dolphins play. I had club seats instead of my seats courtesy of our account rep. I haven’t been in the club section for 3 or 4 years, maybe even 5. They’ve renovated it, and aren’t even done yet. There’s a Carnegie Deli in the food court, and we ended up eating there. Same oversized sandwiches, but not nearly as good but still tasty. $19 each. No, really. $19 each. I finished mine, which was easily a pound of corned beef — sliced way too thinly. The one in New York has a thicker, moister cut. But this was awesomely lean, and the bread was fantastic. With it, I drank not one but two 32oz Pepsi-Colas. I hate Pepsi products, but that was my only real option. A whole gallon of soda, a pound of meat, and deep fried potato chips. I’m thinking it wasn’t a healthy lunch. We took a lap of the club section (which for a few years wasn’t possible as one end was closed) and saw their Hall of Legends exhibit. The seats were in 244, our seats in 142/143 were moved to 144 this year so we could be a few rows higher and not have the camera-guy always in our way. 

We sat next to a really nice couple who was there cheering on their friend who was a cheerleader. We had some nice football discussions, and it was a great time. Way too hot today. We were right next to J-Lo’s box and she was there with a bunch of suits and we could see her. The Estefans were there, but we only saw them on the video screens. I don’t care about any of them so much, but it’s nice that they’re making an effort to make it ‘exciting’ to try and fill seats, I suppose. The Panthers could learn from that, but they’re Yormarked and that means they won’t. 

As I mentioned, today’s breakfast and skating ended up being cancelled, so I was home with nothing to do. I did the dishes, went to the grocery store and was avoiding balancing my checkbook. Some time ago, I created a Facebook page for the company where I work, Interstate Screw Corporation (feel free to become a fan, please). We do post updates there from time to time, and posted some discounts today, too. I decided I’d create a Twitter account for the company as well, and I encourage you to follow us on Twitter. I’m not sure what that holds for us, but I figured I’d save the name now while it was still available.

My blog traffic has plummeted over the past few weeks, and I’m not sure why. About 50% to be exact. It’s impacting clicks on the ads (feel free to click on an ad if you don’t have them blocked) and makes it less fun to write if less people are reading. The Led Zeppelin Sucks (March 2005) thread is still drawing the most traffic followed by My Name Is David (Aug 2007 post). The Led Zeppelin thread is the number one match on Google, and the David posts is top three, so that’s probably why.  By keywords, the Led Zeppelin Sucks and the Dell Sucks threads (Aug 2005 and number two Google ranking) are the highest with my Daniel Radcliffe and Terry Goodkind posts following not far behind. Still, all those keywords are still only 20% of the matches.

Lastly, a question for my readers if you happen to have any information. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been looking at a new laptop for work — we don’t use a laptop at work much, so it’s shared by anyone who needs one for a presentation or trip. I compared a comparable 15″ MacBook and MacBook Pro. The obvious different is the MacBook is $300 cheaper and made of polycarbonate instead of aluminum so is probably less durable. Besides that, the only difference I can find is the screen quality and trackpad sensitivity. Am I missing anything? Can someone enlighten me why I’d spend the $300 more? Google still send me 81% of my traffic that’s referred and Yahoo is at 11%.

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