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Insomnia Is Wonderful

Not. I’m starting this post at 2:35am local time. Why? Because I went to bed at 1130pm and gave up trying to sleep at 1250. The cough doesn’t help the sleeping. I did email, checked AFDB, and sent some IMs. Almost nobody was awake to bother, though I did bug SWMBO for a bit. I […]

Welcome to The WordPress Version of the Quagmire

The new URL is here: http://quagmire.darsys.net/ – please update your newsreaders, feeds, etcetera. No new posts will be made at the old address. Please update your blogs and all links to point to this new address. All posts and comments have been preserved Look and feel has been preserved as well as possible. We are […]

WordPress (Do you need a job?)

This blog is published using Blogger (a Google company) but hosted on my own website so I can make sure things operate the way I want and not the way they want. This includes being able to fix individual files and graphics when they go wonky and such. In March, just 60 days away, Blogger […]

Post 800 – Rapture!

This is, as far as my count shows, really post 800. I did a count and sync and I do believe this is the real deal. 800 posts and over 250,000 visitors. I think that makes my blog popular, though why continues to be a big mystery. Today’s first entry (all edited to preserve privacy) […]

It’s A Quarter Million!

It’s official. I’ve broken the quarter-million mark. 17 October 2004 was the start date. I passed the quarter million mark 2 Jan 2010. Congratulations to me. And thanks to all of you for putting up with this blog listening to what I have to say and sometimes even commenting on it. And now on with […]

A Special Hello to Wiley, Rein & Fielding

A special hello to Wiley, Rein, and Fielding who still visit my blog. Today someone at WRF actually Googled me by name. W00T! I’m sure they know they’re leaving digital footprints that are recorded. One would hope so, but judging from their high quality research in their first Nucor filing, perhaps not. I think Nucor […]

The Struggle Of A Blog Entry

Many days I have nothing to blog, so I don’t. Usually when I have something to blog, it’s hard to know what post to start with. Officially, I don’t care who reads or not, but I still feel obligated to be interesting. As a writer, you want to grab people with the first thing you […]

A Joke and all sorts of newsbits

“I hate baby seals. They get invited to all the best clubs.” While it’s certainly in poor taste, I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that one-liner. You are going to repeat it to someone. I just know it. Okay, now on with today’s entry. The FTC has instituted rules that will impact a lot […]

The Dolphins! J-Lo! Twitter!

Thank God! The Dolphins finally won a game. And they did it convincingly! Skating ended up being cancelled today. Evan, John, Liz, and Pablo all bailed so I ended up home alone. More on that later. So, around 145 Karen showed up and we drove off to Landshark Stadium. That’s a great name for a […]

Page Ranking in Alexa: Breaking The Top Million

Page Rank (the busiest site in the world by all counts is of course: Google) And there are about 11 billion pages, so getting in the top is harder and harder, though about 10 billion of those pages, are not for public use — internal pages for companies, educational institutions, and such. Or if you […]