Welcome to The WordPress Version of the Quagmire

The new URL is here: http://quagmire.darsys.net/ – please update your newsreaders, feeds, etcetera. No new posts will be made at the old address. Please update your blogs and all links to point to this new address.

  1. All posts and comments have been preserved
  2. Look and feel has been preserved as well as possible.
  3. We are now operating under WordPress so you will notice some operational changes on the blog. Right now, comments require approval like the old blog. I will install reCATCHPA soon and remove approval requirements at some point.
  4. To post comments you do need an account. I will eventually have an OpenID plug-in but that’s not yet installed.
  5. If you notice posts that are mis-formatted, broken or mis-linked URLs, improperly embedded audio, video, images, and so forth, please email me the URL of the post and I’ll fix it right away. While I will eventually fix all that without being told there are 830+ posts and it’ll take forever.
  6. If you link to the blog or any posts within the blog, please make sure your links are updated.
  7. The link http://www.darsys.org points to the above URL and you’ll be able to tell easily because the “MOVED” posts do not appear there.
  8. Every time I make a post on the the “NEW” locations, you will see a “MOVED” post at the old URL. It’ll keep reminding you until you fix it 🙂
  9. Jose and I were up until damn near 2am today trying to get everything installed, tested, and working.
  10. From a change standpoint, the title is now the Permalink URL. Labels are still there but there are a few categories too that cover major topics of a post. They are limited and cover Politics, Sports, Technology, Reviews, Sports, and General. All the old posts are tagged General though as I fix errors, I will update them.
  11. The avatar pictures don’t work and we don’t know why. I don’t much care so that’s a low priority. Also broken is the shading on the left sidebar which doesn’t go all the way down on some pages (like comments, etc). And one of the Google ads doesn’t work, and you probably don’t care but I do 🙂

  12. Special thanks to Jose Marquez for helping with this miserable process.

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