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Lost, Friends, Stuff

ITEM ONE INCLUDES SPOILERS!I watched the season finale of Lost last night — three hours worth. The recap filled in some holes, though it bothers me that the holes are big enough to require filling in. If Ben decided that he needed to kill Locke after just saving him only to change his mind upon […]

Welcome Facebook People :)

Today, I found you could link your blog to your Facebook profile in the ‘news’ tab, so I did. I’d like to welcome all the Facebook people who didn’t know I had a blog. Feel free to join the 213,000 people before you that have already been bored to death by my blog. It’s probably […]

200,000 Hits! Post 509.

Today marks a special day in my blog. We have recorded not long ago our 200,000th hit. And to be clear, my personal hits are specifically excluded by the tracking software 🙂 I want to thank my loyal readers, though few in number, a lot of those are your repeated hits reading my entries. I […]

Welcome to a New Sponsor

I’d like to welcome a new sponsor to my trio of sites www.darsys.com, www.darsys.net, and www.panthershockey.net. So goodbye to my old sponsor who didn’t renew nor respond to emails, and hello to ZTMC.NET (and .COM) who sell aggregated ads. The nice things about these ads is they are far less intrusive and appear at the […]

Welcome to a New Sponsor and Stuff

First, a warm welcome to my new sponsor www.guidetoonlineschools.com which is sponsoring some technology related posts in my blog. They picked this post first and may add other posts if they feel they’re doing well. As always, fees paid are not disclosed. I’m not getting rich, but that isn’t what this blog is about. I’ve […]

Randomness Part Six

First, I updated an old post with some additional Cal alumni including Jay Ward (class of ’41) the creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Second, blog traffic is creeping up again which pleases me. All-time historical hot topics now include Led Zeppelin in first place with about 7% of my 160,000+ hits since I got my […]

Return of Wherefore art thou Eric J. Hedlund?

It’s been a busy week. Let’s see, I’m sick. I have a cold. My throat problem appears to be back, but I’ve been ignoring it for weeks — it’s pretty bad now so I’m off to the doctor tomorrow. Dad gets his one-year oncologists report tomorrow. Last night, I saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with Evan […]

What’s Wrong With Blogging

I had this burning desire to post some really personal stuff here, specifically a few things that were on my mind. That’s what blogs are for. I wanted to make a post and I didn’t make it because I was afraid a particular person might read it, or maybe a particular group of people. Blogging […]

Panthershockey.net gets a sponsor!

Well, I’ve taken the plunge and accepted paid advertising. I never thought I’d actually do it. However, as my combined sites’ Technorati authority ratings have climbed, offers have increased. I won’t even CONSIDER porn ads, though those offers were SUBSTANTIAL and into the four figures. My Technorati authority rating broke 5 not that long ago […]

Random Tidbits

SCOOTER UPDATE: She’s feeling a bit better after we saw Dr. Child — Dr. Child has a much better bedside manner than the other two doctors in the office. Plus, she’s a cat owner. Cat owners make better cat vets than dog owners (and vice versa). She changed Scooter’s medicine levels to 1-1/2 pills per […]