Welcome to a New Sponsor

I’d like to welcome a new sponsor to my trio of sites www.darsys.com, www.darsys.net, and www.panthershockey.net. So goodbye to my old sponsor who didn’t renew nor respond to emails, and hello to ZTMC.NET (and .COM) who sell aggregated ads. The nice things about these ads is they are far less intrusive and appear at the bottom of every page of my sites (excluding the 404 pages, the blog, and the Panthers Hockey Message Boards*).

ZTMC is one of the premier internet marketing companies. Please, click on one of the ads at the bottom of our sites listed above so they can see results!

ZTMC handles all of your internet marketing allowing you to focus your time and efforts on your customers. Our specialty is establishing profitable advertising campaigns that increase sales and brand awareness. ZTMC has been helping clients establish and implement online marketing strategies for over ten years.

Whether you are a small online store or a Fortune 100 Company, ZTMC has a service plan that will meet your needs.

ZTMC offers a cost-effective solution, providing you the experience, expertise and contacts of a professional advertising firm specializing in Internet media.

I checked them out, as I always do, and everything seemed a-ok. They’re not spam people and don’t do anything scummy. They just deliver ads to the bottom of all appropriate web pages. As this is less high-profile than our previous sponsor, it will only pay about 1/3 of my hosting bill instead of all of it, but I am pleased.

*These boards are open to the public and have topics unrelated to hockey.

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