Pineapple Express (and various other items)

We saw Pineapple Express today. If you see any film with the word Pineapple in the title, make it this one. A fast check of IMDB reveals this is the only one. So much for that plan. It was funny — definitely a better film than Tropic Thunder (see previous blog post). I laughed most of the way through it, though the last 3-1/2 minutes didn’t need to be in the film, and it would have been much better since they were an awkward and unfunny 3-1/2 minutes.

Another Judd Apatow and Seth Rogan film with Seth in the lead, but James Franco steals the show. It’s a stoner film cast in the mode of the early Cheech and Chong flicks such as Up In Smoke and is a worthy addition to that particular oeuvre. If you can appreciate that sort of humour, this film’s for you. Full of drug humour, foul language, yet surprisingly no sex to speak of, though references of course abound. Lots of classic “icky” moments like when we find out Rogan’s girlfriend is still in high school. The squeamish factor is high and that makes it extra enjoyable. Really.

I have written letters to all concerned doctors about the mess with Progressive and explained that State Farm has stopped paying. I’ve let them know they should bill Progressive though they may not be paid for a while. I’m also going to be filing another complaint with the State of Florida Department of Insurance against Progressive. They clearly have no intention of paying or handling this in a fair and equitable manner. They continue to treat me like I’m stupid. Within the next two weeks, there will be legal counsel involved. Then they will have to pay my medical bills and attorney’s bills. I cannot tell you how sucky Progressive is. I hope and pray you never get in accident with any of their insured because you will never get paid and they will treat you like a criminal and an idiot.

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