Obama. Yay.

I watched Obama’s speech last night and I thought it was one of the better political speeches I have ever heard. I’m sure it caught the other camp off guard. It offered some specifics. It offered generalities. It was well delivered, and it made some very strong points against the other camp without being an offensive attack. Obama took the high road and I hope McCain does the same thing. Obama even praised McCain’s record.

And today I got a shock because I was certain McCain was going to pick Mitt Romney though I was terrified he’d take Rudy Giuliani because I thought Rudy could give him some serious momentum among undecided and independents because Giuliani is so moderate. Obama’s single biggest obstacle is many people say they will vote for him but when it comes to voting, they won’t press the Black Button in the ballot box. America is still very much a racist country.

McCain is guaranteed to sweep Alaska now. Oh wait, he was going to win it anyway. It’s an oil state. Oops. I think McCain thought he was going to get some of the Hillary vote with this pick and he may, but Palin is very conservative and also pro-Life which will scare off most of Hillary’s supporters. Still, I think if Obama lets slips Hillary is getting a high-level cabinet position (such as Secretary of State) he can really hold on to those voters. The Clintons were surprisingly gracious. Good for them.

Picking Palin is not a good move for McCain. He probably thought picking a woman would allow him to show he’s still a maverick by associating with another maverick. But Obama promises true change and not the illusion of change. I hope this miscalculation costs McCain the election, though all studies show a running mate has never helped decide an election. My great fear is the return of McCain because another four years of present policies will destroy our country. McCain’s not a bad guy, but his sanity is in question with this pick.

Palin is younger than Obama and she has less experience than Obama. Would you really want her as president? Not likely. And my friend Erin points out that McCain can’t even to play the race/minority card because Palin’s husband is an Eskimo. Though an Eskimo is a true American unlike most of us.

I really, deeply, want Obama to win this and hopefully by a landslide showing it’s a mandate from the people. Why? Because he has 4 houses instead of 12. Not really, but I had to toss that in. Ask yourself, seriously, are you better off or worse off than the last election? You know the answer. You’re working much harder for less money — and you have less to show for it. Maybe you didn’t like Clinton, but how did you fare economically under his administration? I thought so. Check your 401k, your IRA, and your broker accounts: if you still even have them. Down? Imagine that. “It’s the economy, stupid.” People have always lost their homes but not in these record numbers, people are suffering because our government has let them down. Government can’t do everything, but it shouldn’t do nothing. Nothing? Well the post-Katrina government comes to mind.

I have many complaints against Obama. As a business owner, his programs are going to screw me and my company over. Who do you think is going to be stuck paying for the health plan, extra sick days, and so on? My company. It will raise our costs and ultimately your prices. But since I have a conscience, I can’t vote for McCain. Four more years of having our personal rights sold out and support for an unjust war just doesn’t work.

Repudiate Bush. Impeach Him. Try him for High Treason. Save America. Vote for Obama. And if you can’t vote for Obama, just don’t vote. No real American can possibly vote for McCain because his policies are four more years of what has already failed. America is not a theocracy, but those are the interests we’ve been beholden to for eight years. Nobody loves Bush but the evangelical zealots and, one assumes, Bush’s own family. He’s as close to evil as this country’s ever seen.

Obama said in his speech we have reached a turning point. We, as Americans, must vote to change the course of this country and show we reject our current totalitarian regime in favour of a kinder, gentler country. We need to be the leaders in the world because what we do is right. We do not need to be leaders by force. Restore the American dream for America.

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