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Appleism (Apple Becomes a Religion)

I use StumpleUpon regularly, and it dropped me into a blog which has a fascinating post. I’m sorry it took me so long to blog it, but here it is. David Kuo writes a rather interesting piece entitled “Welcome to Appleism, the religion that is Apple.” I don’t want to spoil it all here without […]

Wherefore art thou Eric J. Hedlund?

So, every now and again I like to check up on my “missing” friends — you know the people you lost contact with, but you wish you hadn’t. I guess it’s sort of nostalgic. There aren’t that many that I’ve lost touch with that I wish I could reconnect with, but there are a few. […]

Keenan Florida Panthers Why

I monitor my blog’s traffic to see what draws people in (see previous post) and it’s mostly uninteresting except in a statistical sort of way. However, this Google hit from earlier today made me laugh: “ keenan florida panthers why“ I can’t stand Keenan because I think he’s a prick. I don’t have much nice […]

My website is actually getting popular

It’s thanks to the blog naturally. As of June 2005 there were 68 million web pages and that number has, quite obviously grown. A site called alexa.com ranks them all based on traffic analysis. If you’re in the top 100,000 you get all sorts of coolness factors. I’m not there — not even close. However, […]

I’ve Added Snap

Snap is this little thingy where, as you mouse over a link, you get a preview of the link’s website. I’m going to try and see if I like it. Guy Kawasaki uses it on his blog, so I’m sure it’s reputable. Let me know what you think. You can turn it off if it […]

Popular Blog Topics at The Quagmire

These represent UNIQUE hits and not page loads. So they don’t add to the total hits. And these stats have only been collected for about one year. But you want to know what have been the most popular blog keyword for the past year at The Quagmire? Here ya’ go: 2784 5.71% crazy 2778 5.69% […]

The 100,000th hit will happen….

…. in the next 12 hours but I won’t be on-line to see it. The counter is down near the bottom, and you can even click the little planet icon to get some semi-anonymous type statistics. I’m just amazed at how far this blog has come. I could thank Technorati, but they have contributed all […]

Why Blogger Beta Sucks

This was reported over one month ago via the Blogger contact mechanism. I never got any reply. I understand it’s free, and I guess I’m getting what I’m paying for. This problem happens only with New Blogger (Blogger Beta that is not theoretically Beta anymore — it was not an issue with the Original Blogger). […]

One Hundred Thousand Hits

In the next few days, this blog will record its 100,000th hit since it went live 17 October 2004 — who could have imagined? That’s huge. Traffic has died off over the past year, but that’s still an impressive number. It’s also terribly misleading. Most of our traffic is currently driven by the world famous […]

Blogger Beta and WordPress

I have made a decision to switch to WordPress because Blogger Beta pretty much bites ass. It’s slower and has too many quirks. All my e-mails to tech support resulted in a 100% response rate: zero. And all of the bugs remain and now they’ve announced they’re coming out of beta and going live. It […]