Appleism (Apple Becomes a Religion)

I use StumpleUpon regularly, and it dropped me into a blog which has a fascinating post. I’m sorry it took me so long to blog it, but here it is. David Kuo writes a rather interesting piece entitled “Welcome to Appleism, the religion that is Apple.” I don’t want to spoil it all here without encouraging you to read it first.

He starts with this statement: Apple isn’t a cult anymore, it has become a full blown religion with scores of millions of followers. The frenzy around the iPhone brings to mind the clamoring throngs that greeted Jesus at the height of his ministry. And it’s a telling statement because he’s right, there is a frenzy. Though, I daresay, it’s more consumerism than anything resembling religion. The frenzy is no different than that surrounding the Nintendo Wii or any other über-hot item.

Lest you think I am disagreeing with Mr. Kuo, I am not. Apple has certainly become a religion of sorts, but a proper one that has developed over time. Its members are fiercely loyal, even when they shouldn’t be. The evangelize their religion by trying to convert all their friends. I do that very thing, but I will not recommend one of Apple’s “bad” products, though happily they are few and far between.

Mr. Kuo also states Appleism espouses a liberal worldview that challenges conventional morality and norms and encourages creativity. It was clearly seen in the famed ‘Think Different’ ad campaign.” And that is a key point because Think Different embodied the spirit of Apple. Mr. Kuo missed the very most important point of all, though. You either get it, or you don’t.

I have friends and relatives that will never get it, and I don’t even bother trying to convert them anymore. Not to put down my friends/relatives, but those who have converted have seen the light and realize the bliss of being righteous and knowing you’ve done the right thing. I’d love to insult the unconverted lot and say the intelligent ones have converted and the less-than-sharp have not, but that’s a generalization and wholly untrue. There is no quantifiable measurement of get it, but anyone who is an Appleist, certainly gets it. There is research that does quantify the fact Apple users are statistically smarter than PC users (see previous blog entry) but I don’t feel the pressing need to rub it in your face.

It’s no secret that I think different. That’s probably why I get it.

(Besides, all Mac vs PC arguments can be won by uttering the phrase Windows ME which will shut up even the most virulent Microsoft supporter).

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