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You’re Fat

You’re fat**. That’s what so many people feel, myself included. Obesity is on the rise in the developed world and that’s no secret nor is it even in dispute. The reasons, on the other hand, are. Many people have long suspected the introduction of high-fructose corn syrup is the leading cause of girth. I’m not […]

Insert Title Here

The NHL’s Florida Panthers continue to defy all expectations and have now lost eight of the last nine in spectacularly bad fashion. I could rip the team a new one because they deserve it. The players don’t care — anyone watching the game can see that. Okay, some do, but this is a team sport. […]

Asset 1039

Last night I took home company asset 1039. I know it’s number 1039 because it’s got a sticker that says so. All of our hi-tech equipment has these stickers. I configured it, set it up, and went through the short learning curve. Asset 1039 is the new laptop computer. Yes, it’s a 15″ MacBook Pro […]


First, a repeat of something from some time ago. If you’re a Mac user and running OS-X you may find the random need to run an OS-9 application. If you’re running Intel architecture instead of PPC architecture that is, technically, not possible (or PPC with an OS greater than 10.4). However, it can be done […]

When It Rains….

First, if you’re going to use OSX Snow Leopard here’s a compatibility chart you’ll find useful. Make sure your critical applications are updated and make sure you know what won’t work. Be especially careful with disk utilities that may cause more harm than good when used with an operating system they aren’t tested with. Also, […]

So many things to report….

First, a big thank you to John and Liz for their hospitality last night. There was BBQ and music and fun all around. I’m glad I went. Tasty. A bit spicy and my acid reflux didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did. Oh well, sometimes you gotta’ live a little. Now on to […]

Stuff and Stuff

If you’re not watching Skins on BBC America (Thursdays 9pm) you’re missing one of the best shows BBC has turned out. My original review is in this blog post. This is just really good. I was worried because for series three (now in progress) they replaced the entire cast and went with new kids. The […]

Good Customer Service: AT&T and Staples

You may remember a previous post about AT&T U-verse service. In the comments, I praised Nancy the tech who called to try and help. She ultimately failed but took notes on some of the things I discovered. Turns out, one of the theories that the problem lies between BellSouth and AT&T (actually being run by […]

AT&T’s U-Verse Service

A number of my friends have this and seem to be pleased. U-verse is vDSL — even though when I ordered it, they told me it was FibreOptic — and has speeds up to 18MBPS. It’s not been available in my neighbourhood until this month, though the product itself is a few years old. Normally […]

Oh what a day….

As if. Anyway, last night I finally was able to fix a long-established irritant on my Mac. There’s an ACL error that has always shown up in my monthly disk-check feature. All articles say it’s harmless and just an irritant. However, it makes DiskUtility take an hour to run instead of 3 or 4 minutes […]