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If you’re not watching Skins on BBC America (Thursdays 9pm) you’re missing one of the best shows BBC has turned out. My original review is in this blog post. This is just really good. I was worried because for series three (now in progress) they replaced the entire cast and went with new kids. The old ones graduated. An adult show for adults, yet it’s just oddly riveting and fascinating.

The lip has almost entirely healed over. It’s probably going to need some reconstruction. It’s not healed properly on the inside and is the wrong shape. This is not a good thing. I’ll add this to the long list of things to worry about later. There’s some major scar tissue formed on the inside as well as that damned messed up vermillion barrier. I’ll eventually get around to seeing an oral surgeon (or whatever sort of doctor will tear it apart and fix it properly.) There is no other medical news being posted here until there are developments suitable for public consumption, though I do hope to have some of those soon.

I am unusually excited about Snow Leopard, the new optimized Mac OS. I am waiting for my developer pack from Apple which should include a copy. I’d download it from the Apple Developer website where I assume it’s posted but that’s a lot of bandwidth. I’ve heard so many good things about this that I am looking forward to leading the charge as opposed to following months or years later after all the kinks are worked out.

Boeing still plans to fly the 787 later this year. I was a big supporter of this plane until in early tests the wings separated from the fuselage. That worries me. Greatly. They’ve fixed it, but I really wonder what sort of stress these new composite materials will be subjected to and if they’ll fall apart mid-air. I mean the wings fell off before the damn thing flew;∑ that should bother you. It bothers me.

Tomorrow will be a long and busy day. I’d love to tell you all how much I’m looking forward to it. But I can’t.

I’m tired. Bed. Maybe I’ll get lucky and sleep for a change.  Or not.

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