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For The Arsemunch, Kenny Hill

Hate mail is fun — even when it comes to your inbox on Facebook. The inbox, conveniently, has a report button. Which I used. I do want to thank Kenny Hill, the moronic author for giving me a good laugh and the lead topic for today’s blog post. That proves he’s a little better than […]

Stuff and Stuff

If you’re not watching Skins on BBC America (Thursdays 9pm) you’re missing one of the best shows BBC has turned out. My original review is in this blog post. This is just really good. I was worried because for series three (now in progress) they replaced the entire cast and went with new kids. The […]

No More Scooter News Really

No More Scooter News Really Scooter is still in hospital. All tests so far are negative, and the gas is gone and she’s still immobile. The vet is running additional tests in an effort find the problem. She’s not comfortable at all and there’s no clue as to the issue. I am expecting additional news […]

Schadenfreude and Airbus re-unite yet again

I had previously blogged this: More on Airbus Crashes: Schadenfreude Life is good if you hate Airbus. Now they’re having fuselage problems. They’re trying to minimize the publicity, but a fuselage problem is a very serious problem. Anyone who gets on one of these planes is nuts. They’re going to force that thing out the […]

Airbus Crashes — Boeing Soars

http://tinyurl.com/medrl <– Okay, there’s the link. Read it first. As I said to everyone who would listen, the A-380 may be an engineering masterpiece, but it’s not what people want. And, Airbus, as always, made promises it just couldn’t deliver on in order to try and show up Boeing. Boeing on the other hand, came […]