Airbus Crashes — Boeing Soars <– Okay, there’s the link. Read it first. As I said to everyone who would listen, the A-380 may be an engineering masterpiece, but it’s not what people want. And, Airbus, as always, made promises it just couldn’t deliver on in order to try and show up Boeing. Boeing on the other hand, came out with a plane to fill a need — instead of trying to create a need — and has come up a winner. And now, this. Airbus is being pummeled, beat, kicked, and otherwise attacked. Airlines want their money back, and who can blame them. Airbus plans to deliver a gas-guzzling behemoth and to deliver it late. This after many airports have spent hundreds of millions of dollars retrofitting to accept this plane. I believe there is a market for this plane, but Airbus has vastly overestimated it. And the real kicker is, Airbus is famous for delivering planes that do not perform to the promised specifications when originally designed. More will follow, I am sure.

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