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News Analyses and Other Fun Stuff

First this article from the BBC news site. It’s about Google’s efforts to scan every book and make it available (in limited parts) on their search engine. Lots of people are pissed off. Google started doing it for works out of copyright and nobody really objected, and nobody should. That’s public domain. Then they decided […]

My Own Plane Scare

The recent news about the airplane that went down in the Hudson brought my own mishap to mind. I’ve told a few people but mostly I kept my mouth shut because I was never able to find my proof — I thought it vanished. Today, it appeared. I’ve scanned it and added it to my […]

No More Scooter News Really

No More Scooter News Really Scooter is still in hospital. All tests so far are negative, and the gas is gone and she’s still immobile. The vet is running additional tests in an effort find the problem. She’s not comfortable at all and there’s no clue as to the issue. I am expecting additional news […]

A380 takes another hit — UPS Cancels

UPS Inc., the world’s largest shipping carrier, said Friday it will cancel its order for 10 Airbus A380 freighters, following delivery delays. The decision will leave the European aircraft manufacturer with no firm orders for its jumbo freighter. The news follows an earlier decision by Memphis, Tenn.-based FedEx Corp. to cancel its order for the […]

Schadenfreude Part Trois (Airbus)

I had previously blogged this: More on Airbus Crashes: Schadenfreude and also in Schadenfreude and Airbus re-unite yet again — well I can never have too much of a good thing. And the spectacular failure of this aircraft, already delayed over a year looks to be as much as another year late. The report is […]

Airbus Crashes — Boeing Soars

http://tinyurl.com/medrl <– Okay, there’s the link. Read it first. As I said to everyone who would listen, the A-380 may be an engineering masterpiece, but it’s not what people want. And, Airbus, as always, made promises it just couldn’t deliver on in order to try and show up Boeing. Boeing on the other hand, came […]

Great British Design Competition (Contest)

I am pleased to see Concorde has won the British Design Competition (link shows the winners) for the best ever in British Design, and in second place was the Tube Map! Congratulations Concorde! You can see my Concorde page at http://www.darsys.com/concorde.html — that will in turn link you to my other Concorde pages. I love […]