Why Murphy Rocks

Everyone who reads this blog or visits my website knows I am a fan of Concorde. Yay, Concorde. I miss her and remember my flights on her with great fondness — and it still remains the most amazing thing I have ever done. I’ll stop being effusive and let you read my several web pages about flying on the edges of the atmosphere and seeing the curvature of the earth outside your window and the dark purple of outer space (and it is a very, very dark purple).

Murph is a pilot. He flies 757/767 for AA if he has time between hockey events. Seriously, though he’s a great guy. I’ve mentioned him before.

So here’s the model he gave me as a present. It’s real travel agent size and very high quality — not some knock off or anything. These are two views — a top down and a straight on. It’s now in my bedroom. Click on the photos to go on to Flickr for the larger images and additional comments.

I’m tired and need to go to bed, but I was too excited to do so without posting this. So, in conclusion, THANK YOU MURPHY!!!!!

Concorde Model Side View Concorde Model Top View

Shout-outs to Erin who is getting sick for a third time and Jose for helping me when needed even if he probably thinks I’m a nut-case.

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