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Weekend Update (Slightly Late)

I saw the Pro Bowl Sunday. Let me tell you how fun it was. ….. Well, there ya’ go. It was an experience that doesn’t come around very often, so I felt obligated to try it once. The tickets were relatively inexpensive, my seats were good, and I wanted to see what it was about. […]

A Few Things

First, to amuse the hell out of everyone, my mother sent me a thank you note for her recent birthday plane trip. It’s written on the back of a Virgin Atlantic BARF BAG. I really laughed hard. It was really sincere, but that certainly sent mixed signals. I will cherish this always along with the […]

Why Murphy Rocks

Everyone who reads this blog or visits my website knows I am a fan of Concorde. Yay, Concorde. I miss her and remember my flights on her with great fondness — and it still remains the most amazing thing I have ever done. I’ll stop being effusive and let you read my several web pages […]

Various Stuff

No news on fraud. iDrive sucks. It’s the one thing about my new car that sucks ass. I really hate it more with each passing day. I like my car but not the iDrive disaster. Chiropractor visit today was helpful. StateFarm appears to be paying doctor’s bills through July so need for lawyer is shrinking. […]

Great British Design Competition (Contest)

I am pleased to see Concorde has won the British Design Competition (link shows the winners) for the best ever in British Design, and in second place was the Tube Map! Congratulations Concorde! You can see my Concorde page at http://www.darsys.com/concorde.html — that will in turn link you to my other Concorde pages. I love […]