A Few Things

First, to amuse the hell out of everyone, my mother sent me a thank you note for her recent birthday plane trip. It’s written on the back of a Virgin Atlantic BARF BAG. I really laughed hard. It was really sincere, but that certainly sent mixed signals. I will cherish this always along with the typed translation that accompanied it. If you wonder why, then you try writing on a barf bag mid-flight and see what it looks like.

Second, off to a hockey game tonight. The first in nearly a month. I am excited. I am going stag since Timmy never answered me. I’ll sit with Karen who is also going stag.

Third, Adrian cancelled on me again today. I gotta give him credit for being consistent if nothing else. I was expecting it though, so I am doing what I had planned to do before he made plans with me for today. I just knew this wasn’t going to happen. I’m not mad at him, but consistency isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Fourth, a shout out to a friend who is sick — I hope you feel better. Also, to Erin who is more fragile than a Ming Vase, I really hope you don’t need surgery on that foot. Poor Erin, she’s always broken 🙁

Fifth, I’ve got an add-on to the Birthday Trip post. I never did mention that on departure from Heathrow, I saw not one but two A380s. I dislike that plane, but I will tell you it’s one huge Mofo. There was a MD-88 next to one, and it looked like it could have driven under the Singapore A380. The most astounding thing was the collection of landing gear on it. Wow. I guess it’s to absorb the weight. The other A380 (Qantas) was parked next to a 767 and even that was dwarfed. I also saw Concorde as we took off. It’s on the runway surrounded on all sides by blast walls whilst they prepare a final place for it. But as your plane lifts off, and if you’re on the correct runway, you can see it. I was nostalgic.

Sixth, and last, I am sending a letter to BankUnited again. Once again, the USPS — the incompetent idiots — are mixing my mail and BankUnited’s. Complaints fall on deaf ears. Last time BankUnited’s complaints helped far more than mine. If I were a crook, I’d have all I need to steal tons of identities, but I turn it all in for re-sort. BankUnited, however, is returning my mail to sender “not here” — I don’t fault them for it, but it does cause issues when my Amex card is held because they think I’ve skipped town. So I’ve written BankUnited again with some photocopies of past correspondence and also some new examples. Not sure how XX1598 and XX1599 is so confusing. They have big signs over both our boxes warning the sorter, but apparently, he/she has his/her cranium shoved up his/her arse.

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