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A Few Things

First, to amuse the hell out of everyone, my mother sent me a thank you note for her recent birthday plane trip. It’s written on the back of a Virgin Atlantic BARF BAG. I really laughed hard. It was really sincere, but that certainly sent mixed signals. I will cherish this always along with the […]

A380 takes another hit — UPS Cancels

UPS Inc., the world’s largest shipping carrier, said Friday it will cancel its order for 10 Airbus A380 freighters, following delivery delays. The decision will leave the European aircraft manufacturer with no firm orders for its jumbo freighter. The news follows an earlier decision by Memphis, Tenn.-based FedEx Corp. to cancel its order for the […]

Airbus A380 — Explosions in the Sky

Airbus and the FAA are at odds. The FAA (after the crash of TWA 800) mandated special fuel tanks to eliminate in-sky explosions, a good idea in theory. Airbus are complaining that this ought not apply to them in an article in today’s USA Today. Obviously, that’s a ploy by Airbus to save weight, which […]

Airbus Crashes — Boeing Soars

http://tinyurl.com/medrl <– Okay, there’s the link. Read it first. As I said to everyone who would listen, the A-380 may be an engineering masterpiece, but it’s not what people want. And, Airbus, as always, made promises it just couldn’t deliver on in order to try and show up Boeing. Boeing on the other hand, came […]