Schadenfreude Part Trois (Airbus)

I had previously blogged this: More on Airbus Crashes: Schadenfreude and also in Schadenfreude and Airbus re-unite yet again — well I can never have too much of a good thing. And the spectacular failure of this aircraft, already delayed over a year looks to be as much as another year late.

The report is here:

And it looks as if Emirates may cancel their order. I hope they do. It’d be the smart thing, the fiscally prudent thing, and make me smile. What more could you want? I hate Airbus for many reasons, and I hated them before they killed Concorde, but that certainly was the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.

I never want a commercial aircraft to crash, but as I’ve said before Airbus has a less than stellar safety record. And they’re having some serious teething problems with the A380, and they’ll end up cutting corners and one will end up crashing — guaranteeing a new record will be set for a single aircraft fatality count: not a record anyone will be proud of.

I just thought I’d share the news, share the love, and share the joy.

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