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Ikea Airlines, Sarah Palin, and Joe The Plumber Comes Out

Before I start my actual entry, this was sent to me be a few people and deserves to be here. First credit to Paul. A much larger version of the image without the added text is here. Yeah, that kid would be me. It’s the sort of thing I’d say. Fail? No. It’s a WIN! […]

For The Arsemunch, Kenny Hill

Hate mail is fun — even when it comes to your inbox on Facebook. The inbox, conveniently, has a report button. Which I used. I do want to thank Kenny Hill, the moronic author for giving me a good laugh and the lead topic for today’s blog post. That proves he’s a little better than […]

Why Murphy Rocks

Everyone who reads this blog or visits my website knows I am a fan of Concorde. Yay, Concorde. I miss her and remember my flights on her with great fondness — and it still remains the most amazing thing I have ever done. I’ll stop being effusive and let you read my several web pages […]

My Own Plane Scare

The recent news about the airplane that went down in the Hudson brought my own mishap to mind. I’ve told a few people but mostly I kept my mouth shut because I was never able to find my proof — I thought it vanished. Today, it appeared. I’ve scanned it and added it to my […]

No More Scooter News Really

No More Scooter News Really Scooter is still in hospital. All tests so far are negative, and the gas is gone and she’s still immobile. The vet is running additional tests in an effort find the problem. She’s not comfortable at all and there’s no clue as to the issue. I am expecting additional news […]

Airbus A380 — Explosions in the Sky

Airbus and the FAA are at odds. The FAA (after the crash of TWA 800) mandated special fuel tanks to eliminate in-sky explosions, a good idea in theory. Airbus are complaining that this ought not apply to them in an article in today’s USA Today. Obviously, that’s a ploy by Airbus to save weight, which […]

Dave Barry

I flew to Las Vegas this past Monday for a pair of conventions (yawn) and also to see the new Cirque show Love (more later). I was standing in line to board, and I thought to myself “the back of this guy’s head looks awfully familiar.” He turned briefly to hand his boarding card to […]

More on Airbus Crashes: Schadenfreude

In a previous blog entry (Airbus Crashes — Boeing Soars) I made fun of Airbus. That’s always good sport. I now have a follow up to the above post. It’s gotten worse for Airbus. Much, much, much worse. I direct my reader(s) to http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/5103642.stm to read the latest. BAE is bailing on Airbus, the French […]