No More Scooter News Really

No More Scooter News Really

Scooter is still in hospital. All tests so far are negative, and the gas is gone and she’s still immobile. The vet is running additional tests in an effort find the problem. She’s not comfortable at all and there’s no clue as to the issue. I am expecting additional news later today, but that’s all I’ve got now.

A rare work-related item: Boeing’s 787 program has been delayed due to fastener failure. Obviously, I have interest in this topic. It turns out they are not installing them properly and there are gaps between the head of the fastener and the metal (see Aviation Week 11-10-08). Why is this bad? In an airplane, the play would allow the metal to flex, metal that flexed gets metal fatigue. Metal Fatigue causes failure, and failure causes planes to crash. Metal fatigue is actually small, microscopic cracks the develop in airframes. They occur at pretty predictable rates which assume number of landings/takeoffs and number of air hours. They cannot account for metal flexing due to improperly installed parts (be they fasteners or something else). Thus, the failure will occur before an inspection.

I saw Bolt today. Bolt was much better than I expected and was quite enjoyable though due to my circumstances the cat caused me a great distraction. It’s an entirely predictable Disney film, so if you’re looking for surprise, this isn’t it. We saw it in 3D but that really didn’t add much, so save the extra $2 and see it without the 3D. It’s a little longer than your typical Disney cartoon which worked well and Bolt himself is a very loveable character, though the fat hamster steals the parts of the film in which he appears. Yay hamster.

Dave Barry’s Gift Guide was in today’s Herald/Fishwrapper. In other news, the exchange rate £ to $ is down to 1.47 today!

315pm Update: Dr. Child called. Scooter is still in pain, but she is unable to find a cause. She’s got Scooter on pain medications until this evening when the other doctor comes in. All of Scooter’s blood work came back GREAT. She’s in great health THEORETICALLY. Only she’s not. So, another night or two in hospital for Scooter 🙁

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