What a Bad Day

What a bad day. I woke up, because Scooter decided it was time for breakfast. I went to the bathroom and did my usual stuff and she followed. She did something really weird, put her paws full forward, spread her rear legs and looked like she was trying to take a crap in the bathroom. Certainly not normal behaviour. I carried her downstairs, put her down and she walked to her bed. I noticed there were little poo chunks (Hershey Kiss sized) all over the living room. Very odd. I picked ’em up with a towel and disposed of them and then washed up. I then went to get the paper. When I came back in, she was lying in a very odd position on the floor. I went over and picked her up and set her down. Her legs collapsed and she was unable to stand.

I grabbed her carrier, put her in it (she didn’t resist) and drove off towards the 24/7 Emergency Vet at warp drive, nearly running the vet over in the back alley short-cut. I slammed on the breaks to talk to the vet (Dr Child) who was on her way back from Starbucks. I drove around to the vet, and they let me right in.

After several tests, x-rays, etcetera, they determined there was extreme gassy build up causing pressure on her spine. She was treated for the gas and the pain and some sub-something-or-other fluids because she was a tad dehydrated. $400 for that emergency visit. Anyway, got her home and she JUMPED out of her carrier (a good sign), she ate, and went to her litter box and took a dump (another good sign). She was shaking a bit like she was cold, but I figured it was a bit of a reaction to the anti-gas medicine because her stomach was gurgling and well, the gas WAS coming out. (The less said, the better.)

So I figured she was happy and well again. Went to have breakfast and then see Quantum of Solace. Came home. Scooter has one of those carpeted kitty-condos. She doesn’t much use it anymore except to keep her toys in the bottom part which is dark and enclosed. She’s not been in there in over six YEARS. She was half in, laying on her side.

I pet her. Then I tried to pick her up and she cried in pain. I grabbed her cat carrier, picked her up as gently as I could, my poor heart breaking at her plaintive cries, and rushed her to the vet (again) calling ahead to warn them I was coming. I rushed in, flew through reception and into the office. They took another x-ray which showed even MORE gas. Something must be causing it. So anyway, they decided they’d keep her for a few hours and told me to go. Dr. Child called me a few times to let me know they were giving her a Barium Shake and that so far it was showing all sorts of gas and she had no explanation as to where it was coming from because all her tests (heart, liver, blood, reflex, etc) were all perfectly normal for a 21/22 year old cat.

She called me at 7pm to say Scooter isn’t better and she has to spend the night at the vet 🙁


Quantum of Solace Review: Yay. Another fine Bond. Mr. Craig is second only to Connery in his Bond. The arch-Villain is creepy as hell, and the Bond Babe is a Babe. Not many gadgets but plenty of action and suspense. And plot! But what a horrid theme song. And the walking silhouette that shoots the eye? At the END of the film. This film starts with action and is pretty much action from start to end. It’s a tight film and clocks in at around 1-3/4 hours.

I really enjoyed it because I knew Scooter was better. If I had realized she had a sudden relapse I’d have never stayed. I feel bad.

Also, whilst waiting for the film to start I did a lot of holiday shopping. I am about done. Waiting for a big box from Amazon which will take care of quite a few people.

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