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Scooter Update 4.3A

The news will be tomorrow. There will be no news today due to complications unrelated to me or Scooter. There was an emergency involving another critter in the vet’s office. I had only 10 minutes of visiting time tonight and she was very happy to see me. I hope it’s early in the day ’cause […]

Scooter Update 5.1

I went and visited Scooter today. She wasn’t happy at all and refused her Petrodex treats. That was a bad sign and I made sure the vet knew it. I petted her and brushed her, but she was just not interested today. So after about 20 minutes I left, leaving her treat behind. I spoke […]

Scooter Update 5.0

News will be further delayed until tomorrow or Friday. A CD of her MRI is being overnighted to the University of Florida veterinary school for another opinion. Three radiologists have reviewed her results and prior to the formal biopsy there are some concerns about the nature of the tumor, her chance for recovery, and several […]

Scooter Update 4.3

I visited her today after work. She was less happy than yesterday, but she cheered up quickly after I brought out her brush and treats. The vet staff is always amazed at how well she responds. (Her neighbour for this entire time, Cujo a Siberian husky, went home today.) There is a delay in an […]

Scooter Update 4.2 plus today’s events

I went to visit Scooter this AM but there was someone in the surgery area so I couldn’t see her. I left her treats, promising to come back later. So I went skating with the Berners. I will not humiliate him by pointing out in my blog that his son Shane skates much better than […]

Scooter Update 4.1

I visited Scooter. Saw the MRI. The problem is Quite Evident. There is nothing wrong with her spine at all. Nothing. There’s this tumour in the tissue surrounding the spine. It’s a bright white spot. Scooter was in good spirits, I pet her, brushed her, and fed her some food out of my hand. She’s […]

Scooter Update 4.0

It’s 919am and I have news on my beloved kitty, Scooter. She had her MRI at the people-MRI centre and she handled the anaesthesia fine — which the vet says surprised her. They’ve reviewed the results. This will sound odd, but the best possible news would be for a benign tumour compressing the spinal column. […]

Today’s Scooter Report

Down to the wire and tomorrow’s the big, bad day. I visited Scooter again this morning. She was alert and responsive today. It didn’t make the visit any easier. She greeted me with a meow. She nuzzled me and suffered her brushing gladly. I gave her a Petrodex treat which she ate out of my […]

Various Items

Visited Scooter this AM. I was happy not to get any grief from the holiday staff. I brought her brush and brushed her. She didn’t seem happy to see me, but it wasn’t personal. She was just out of it. I met the weekend vet. He looked like he was 14 but he said Scooter […]

Scooter News — More

The orthopaedic guy has inspected Scooter. She is not a candidate for anything but the most minor surgery The odds on there being anything that can be done are close to zero. Doctors Cabeza, Child, Diaz, and he all agree. That’s four vets with the same basic opinion. However, it might be a small tumor […]