Scooter Update 4.3

I visited her today after work. She was less happy than yesterday, but she cheered up quickly after I brought out her brush and treats. The vet staff is always amazed at how well she responds. (Her neighbour for this entire time, Cujo a Siberian husky, went home today.)

There is a delay in an answer until tomorrow while we wait on the Orthopaedic vet to collect the information and decide what to do and if anything can be done. No word on the other options. I did not speak to the vet today but not for lack of trying.

American Airlines denied my reimbursement for lost luggage expenses AFTER they told me they’d pay it. My pal Mr & Mrs Murph work there, but I will say AA just continues to blow me away. First, they lose my luggage. Second, they give me a list of what I can and cannot buy. Then they give me the procedure to file the claim. Then they deny they claim saying it wasn’t pre-authorized per company policy. They screw it up, I follow their instructions, and they won’t do what’s right. I have sent them a diatribe via certified mail today.

I am going to Dr Cohen tomorrow for a follow up about my MRI. I’m going to see if he’ll x-ray my knee.

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