Scooter Update 4.2 plus today’s events

I went to visit Scooter this AM but there was someone in the surgery area so I couldn’t see her. I left her treats, promising to come back later.

So I went skating with the Berners. I will not humiliate him by pointing out in my blog that his son Shane skates much better than he does. Oops. Too late. It slipped out. We had fun. The whole Berner clan was out there at some point skating.

Right near the end, I had a spectacular wipeout when my skate caught a groove. It was my first fall in close to eight years. It was a high-speed crash, while I controlled myself I couldn’t maintain my balance, and rather than go face-first into the boards I opted for a controlled fall to the ice — that failed and I landed on my good knee. It hurt but didn’t look too bad.

Afterwards, Karen met us, and we all went to lunch. The Steak and Shake on Pines is out of business, so we ended up next store at NY Pizza. I’ve never seen such a poorly managed restaurant. The service was horrendous — though I fault the guy running the place for putting a 15-year-old to wait tables. It was just not in his skill set. Afterwards, the Berners bailed on us, so it was just Karen and I for bowling.

We bowled three games and I won two of them, and the one I lost (the middle one) was by only a point. I dominated the third one with a 173 and a turkey in the 5th through 7th including a spectacular Brooklyn on the last. It would have been four, but the centre pin wouldn’t drop. Sadly, afterwards my knee was stiffering more than a teenager watching his first porno. I will now it call it “the knee that was formerly good” because it’s bloody, bruised, and swollen. It hurts. Ouch.

I visited Scooter as soon as I got home, and there was no change except the AC at the vet’s office was busted. She was happy to see me, and she got her treats and brushing. The visit was cut short by a Siberian Husky that couldn’t even come in under his own power. (Scooter’s cage is near the surgery table where the IVs are so if there’s surgery, she can’t have visitors).

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes for Scooter.

Once the Scooter saga is resolved one way or another, I have several other pieces of news.

We are currently under a tornado watch.

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