Scooter Update 5.0

News will be further delayed until tomorrow or Friday. A CD of her MRI is being overnighted to the University of Florida veterinary school for another opinion. Three radiologists have reviewed her results and prior to the formal biopsy there are some concerns about the nature of the tumor, her chance for recovery, and several other factors. I am rather testy because I had this MRI done this past Saturday at extra expense to minimize Scooter’s suffering (and she is suffering). Further, every day she can’t move weakens her muscles further and reduces her chance of recovery and the delays are very much irritating me and I made that very clear to the vets yesterday and today.

She has a probable meningioma tumor but it’s on her spine near the front half of her hind quarters. It’s on the spine and not in it. This particular type, they tell me, is generally benign but now they’re not sure if it’s this type. She is not a candidate for radiation therapy or medicinal therapy due to factors involving her age and health. She is either a candidate for surgery or not.

I will let you know when there is more news.

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