Scooter Update 4.0

It’s 919am and I have news on my beloved kitty, Scooter. She had her MRI at the people-MRI centre and she handled the anaesthesia fine — which the vet says surprised her. They’ve reviewed the results. This will sound odd, but the best possible news would be for a benign tumour compressing the spinal column. I know it doesn’t SOUND like good news, but that’s what it would be. To be accurate the benign/malignant status is not determined.

Now here’s what’s going to happen. Monday they will (in consultation with my real vet) contact a special hospital in Fort Lauderdale that does non-invasive removal of benign tumours using lasers and ultra-something-or-other. If she is a candidate, they will biopsy the tumour. If it’s benign, we’ll arrange for that surgery. Although it’s about the same price as a small car, I am not thinking about price. I have four credit cards which all hold nearly five figures each so I can run them all up. I’ve still got three that aren’t full.

If it’s malignant there is no hope and that is the end. At her age she cannot survive cancer treatments.

If she is NOT a candidate for this surgery AND the tumour is benign, then the fourth consulting doctor will decide if he can safely remove it with a small operation. The tumour is not IN her spinal column but under it. It’s compressing the nerves in the spinal column which is why it’s been manifesting itself as a neurological problem. It’s what’s causing her extreme pain and why the problem comes and goes. Of course, I will continue to kick myself for not having an MRI done a year ago, but who knew.

She’s definitely going to be in the hospital through at least Tuesday. But there is now a chance, even if it’s a small one. The vet said Scooter woke up from the anaesthesia in a good and feisty mood. I’m leaving to visit in 1hr — the doctor’s meeting me at the clinic. And don’t doubt the quality of her care. Several doctors took time off their holiday weekends to arrange this, and allow her not only an MRI at a people centre (so much for health department rules) before they opened, but had a radiologist and two veterinarians there for an immediate reading. Last time I had an MRI I had to wait five days for results.

Thanks to every for caring and praying. Keep it up.

Scooter is approximately 22 years old, and I really hope she lives many more years. She’s been with me for over half my life.

Special wishes to the Murphs for their kitties Eddie and Amanda who are also having difficulties. Please keep them in your thoughts as well.

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