Good Customer Service: AT&T and Staples

You may remember a previous post about AT&T U-verse service. In the comments, I praised Nancy the tech who called to try and help. She ultimately failed but took notes on some of the things I discovered.

Turns out, one of the theories that the problem lies between BellSouth and AT&T (actually being run by Yahoo) and the authentication process. Why? I connect to the BellSouth server, it shows 94 groups there to update, then it gives an authentication error regardless of whether or not you use the BellSouth or AT&T passwords. Nancy even (on the first call) unblocked all ports for my IP to try and make it work. Same problem.

She promised she’d kick up to some top-line techs and get back to me. I had all but given up, and last night she called me. She agrees it should be made to work — their website clearly advertises it works and gives operating instructions. However, they can’t get it to work. She agrees (and so do her techs) that I am absolutely correct in my analysis of the situation, but nobody knows what to do, so she’ll try and escalate it. I actually believe she may call me back one day. The real issue is very few people use NNTP anymore (fake NNTP is available on GoogleGroups but there are a number of issues involving completeness of groups, available groups, and everyone knows what you’re looking at. Not that I care since I gave AT&T the list of groups I care about. But it’s the principle, mind you.)

I think AT&T should give me a credit of $14.95 a month so I can sign up for NewsRazor until they fix it — this way I can post to again 🙂

Also, special kudos to Staples for their customer support. Although it took them longer than it should have, Karen did call me back with the answer and follow through in a stellar fashion when my sales rep dropped the ball and nobody in any of their stores had a clue. A+ to her as well.

Both of those companies deserve special recognition for actually trying to make a customer happy. That’s rare. Also, kudos to Virgin Atlantic because they definitely care about their customers trying hard on every contact to do things right. I burnt my tongue on my hot beverage. I got some Keurig K-cups with decaf Earl Grey tea by Twinings. It is apparent that tea can’t be made well in this machine. It’s not quite right, though I can’t possibly tell you why. I invite all friends over for a sample k-cup in a wide variety of flavours. Some of the coffees are great, there are a number of teas, and also hot chocolate which — as JohhnyB’s parents warned me — is way too thin. I also changed my FaceBook profile picture for the first time since I got it. My new novel isn’t moving forward at a very good rate of speed. And my right big toe is still swollen though it’s no longer bleeding. Yay.

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