So many things to report….

First, a big thank you to John and Liz for their hospitality last night. There was BBQ and music and fun all around. I’m glad I went. Tasty. A bit spicy and my acid reflux didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did. Oh well, sometimes you gotta’ live a little.

Now on to the rest. Today was a skating day and we went to La Caretta for breakfast and then went off to skating. And, to our horror, saw a school bus unloading kids outside. Lots of them. We decided to cancel skating due to the overwhelming number of children. So we went off to Barnes and Nobles for a bit, then went to the mall to try and Pre-Order the special edition Beatles Rock Band. Why? Well Liz informed me that I was having a Beatles Rock Band Party whether or not I wanted to. They were all sold out but Amazon had some available, so I ordered it there. It’ll show up eventually.

Speaking of Amazon, they cancelled my Beatles Box Set pre-order saying they had oversold (or likely their allotment was smaller than anticipated). Pretty much everywhere I checked was sold out, but I did find it at Tower.Com (they’re out of the mono) so I ordered it there and will pray I get something for my money.

Congratulations to Steve K who broke 1,500,000 credits on Seti@Home. I’m just past 800,000.

Health wise everything is about the same so there will be no report here. I will post a report for sure after I see the cardiologist on the 11th. Before then likely as not depending on having anything to report.

My HP PhotoSmart C6180 will not print because it has determined “one or more of your ink cartridges are expired” — that’s a joke. They were working fine Friday and now just because some arbitrary date has passed it won’t print. That’s inexcusable. Hey, HP, you suck. Seriously. So I’m off to get ink before everything closes. That sucks.

I was sitting here sweating when I realized my AC’s programmable thermostat is on the weekday schedule so it’s going to be hot until 5pm. I guess I’ll override it. Thanks to Stan for this funny and sad YouTube video. This guy spent two weeks building a building block replica of the leaning tower of Pisa that’s six feet tall. He was waiting for the Guinness Book of World Records to come inspect and certify it. Watch what the reporter does. You’ll laugh but still feel really bad for the guy. And last, but not least, I installed Snow Leopard today. I bought it yesterday because I didn’t want to keep waiting for my CD to come from Apple. The install (an upgrade not a clean install) took about 45 minutes. A few things if you’re going to do it. Have the latest version of Flash. Apple installs a version that isn’t current and has some security holes without checking to see if you have a newer version. If you have QuickTime 7 Pro (not regular) it’s going to be deleted. You then click on “optional installs” and re-install QT7P and it will find and use your old serial number. But when you open an application designed for QT, it will open QTX by default. The second QT (QT7) is installed in your utilities folder. Flip4Mac doesn’t work properly with Snow Leopard so be sure and disable it — it’ll keep telling you QT is not installed because it doesn’t recognize QTX but I’m sure that’ll be fixed eventually. Vuze’s toolbar doesn’t work and will crash (it’s in the library/input method folder — delete it). Spell Catcher partially works but you’ll have to go to Rainmaker’s website for all the gory details. Boinc doesn’t work properly until you reinstall it but the screen saver is broken. They’re working on a new version. There’s also a new version of X-code on the disk if you use that. My HP printer and Snow Leopard don’t play all that well together. See HP’s website for details on Snow Leopard compatibility. In your “login items” you will find the old HP login items aren’t removed. You should do that. I did a repair permissions when done (always a good idea). I’m sure I’ll find more, but right now SpellCatcher is giving me the most headaches because it keeps turning off every time I use a Finder function and despite claims on their website, their little App doesn’t always turn it back one. Also, I recommend you update all your applications (especially utilities) to the current version before the upgrade. I did my laundry. I know you care. I also finished book two of the trilogy I previously mentioned. Still good but I’m holding my review until I finish the third book. So, give me a while longer. One last link, BTW, if you want a FREE font in your own handwriting, go here !

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