The 100,000th hit will happen….

…. in the next 12 hours but I won’t be on-line to see it. The counter is down near the bottom, and you can even click the little planet icon to get some semi-anonymous type statistics. I’m just amazed at how far this blog has come.

I could thank Technorati, but they have contributed all of 96 hits since we went live on 17 October 2004, Digg has done much better for me. In fact, I’ve been on a roll there these past few days with some traffic to my Family Guy Jumps The Shark post. I’ve finally added “Digg This” buttons to my blog, so if you like something you can share the love more easily.

But really, who could have imagined? That’s huge. It’s been 845 days since I started this blog, which means I’ve had on average 118 hits per day — though at our peak we were getting 358 hits per day. We started slow, and there have been slow days, but I never expected popularity. Not like this.

I’d like to make the next day even more popular. If you have a real blog, I’d consider trading links back and forth between our blogs (subject to content review). I’d like to get more eyeballs, but more for the sake of getting people to comment. Even the enormous blogs such as Wil Wheaton gets precious few comments with ten times the traffic. I’d love to hear any ideas people have about getting people to comment.

I’d like to know who my users are, because the count is not reflective of my friends and family. Give me a shout out, tell me who you are, why you’re here. If a public comment is too scary for you, try e-mail.

And more importantly, t h a n k  y o u  all !

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