Family Guy Jumps The Shark

Yes, it’s happened. A show that was clever and witty, if not original has jumped the shark. I specifically point to the extended musical number with Stewie that was coupled with an old live-action dancer (Gene Kelly?). It was boring, contrived, and irrelevant.

To be funny you have to have a point of some sort or be going somewhere. I suppose Monty Python is proof I’m not totally right on this theory. But it doesn’t change the fact the Shark Has Been Jumped.

It pains me to say it, but Family Guy’s time has passed. It’s over. Stick a fork in it, it’s done. A few funny moments don’t make a good show. They’ve stopped being creative and are relying solely on pop-culture references which simply isn’t enough. And the episode really sucked.

Not that you care, but I posted a survey about me as a bulletin on MySpace while I was waiting for Blogger to update. And I ate a tube of Smarties. Yay.

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