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Hockey (Olympics, Panthers, NHL, and so much more)

The Olympic gold medal game USA versus Canada became the highest rated television program in Canadian history. Period. Over half the country watched. I think that’s great but ratings in the US were through the roof too, with 27.6 million people watching (more than the entire population of Canada) and the highest rated hockey game […]

I’m Tired and It’s Your Fault

Well, probably not, but now you’re paying attention. First, for the Lost fans out there, I present to you, by way of Sue, Barenaked Hurley which is hysterical. All but one of the video links are removed for DMCA violations but the lyrics are still posted. And the audio for the current entry works fine. […]

A long post with lots of stuff in it

I don’t even know where to begin because it’s been a very eventful two days since my last post. I guess I’ll start with the fact I went outside and notice there is a big screw in my tire, and I’ll have to deal with it tomorrow somehow. Of course it’s tomorrow: the same day […]


The English PennyEU Directive No. 456179 In order to meet the conditions for joining the Single European currency, all citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland must be made aware that the phrase ‘Spending a Penny’ is not to be used after 31st December 2009.  From this date, the correct terminology […]

Hippo Burger and Other Random Stuff

I finally got the cool hoodie I’ve mentioned to a number of you. There’s a photo of it on my Flickr page. Well worth the look if I do say so myself. When I was a kid in the early 1970s and living in the Bay Area, there was a place called Hippo Burger. It […]

Heroes vs Lost v2

A long time ago, I compared these two shows. May 2007 to be exact. Two years on, where are we? Heroes just concluded its fourth season. Lost does in a few weeks. More importantly, when Heroes returns for season five, and it will, I will not be returning with it. While there were some good […]

Some Thoughts

The Beatles’ song is still in my head, “Beep, beep, yeah!” for reasons I shan’t share, but will continue to tease you all with. It occurred to me today that many of you enjoy my political postings, though maybe you don’t agree.   I gave money to the Obama campaign recently. As some polls show […]

In This Weekend’s News

I am disgusted with the Panthers. I am disgusted with the Panthers Management, for they are most of the reason I am disgusted with the Panthers. I won’t bore you gentle readers with such a diatribe here, but it’s posted over at my Panthers Hockey Message Board if you want to read it, though posting […]

Family Guy does Star Wars

In an earlier post I had said Family Guy jumped the shark, and true, it’s been pretty sucky lately. But the new season première take on Star Wars was utterly, and completely brilliant. This may have been the best episode of the show. Ever. It’s a scarily faithful retelling of the original Star Wars (episode […]

Funniest Commercial Involving Petty Crooks

Sometimes I just must embed a video despite my better judgement. This video almost made me wet my pants. It’s a commercial It’s in Thai but it has subtitles. Very funny. I suggest you watch whilst eating Yogurt (Yoghurt). Just stick with it. There is a payoff. The spoiler is here, but you’ll have to […]