In This Weekend’s News

I am disgusted with the Panthers. I am disgusted with the Panthers Management, for they are most of the reason I am disgusted with the Panthers. I won’t bore you gentle readers with such a diatribe here, but it’s posted over at my Panthers Hockey Message Board if you want to read it, though posting does require membership. Related to that, I’ve been invited to a NO TIME LIMIT meeting with the owner Alan Cohen (along with other season seatholders). I must assume my invitation was an error, but I’ve RSVP’d and am going. They have no idea what they’re in for. I will be polite, professional, and brutally scathing. They shall wither before my causticity. May God have mercy on their souls because I shan’t.

I have begun the slow process of selling my random computer items on E-bay. I’ve started with some low-end, cross-platform software. All bids start at a buck (99 cents) and have no reserve. The list of what will slowly appear there is at my website and if you see something, contact me directly. We can work something out before it goes on e-bay. Friends and family get items free or at embarrassingly low prices. A friend has already claimed my G5 so that’s not listed; I’m shipping it off Monday. I took considerably less than I’d have gotten off E-bay but it’s going to a good home, and that’s more important to me than the extra money.

Yesterday I hung out with Timmy for the first time in a while. He’s still the same. Take that as you will.

I saw Adrian today and we had breakfast and went skating. The movie bit was cancelled because he had work to do. I had also seen him Thursday when he came and got the old TV in the guest room. My guest room now has HDTV — see my previous post, item number six 🙂

We did stop, on the way back to his house, at the newly-reopened CompUSA (now a division of Tiger Direct). I gotta remember to let Tom know just for his amusement.

I cleaned Scooter’s ears yesterday. I went to the grocery store, spent $50 and noticed I don’t have anything to eat. Sucks to be me. The final four doesn’t interest me this year, nor does the current NHL playoff picture though that may change. I am doing laundry, and I was going to go to the mall to kill time, but I’m just not motivated. So, I am blogging instead. Lame? Probably.

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