Family Guy does Star Wars

In an earlier post I had said Family Guy jumped the shark, and true, it’s been pretty sucky lately. But the new season première take on Star Wars was utterly, and completely brilliant. This may have been the best episode of the show. Ever.

It’s a scarily faithful retelling of the original Star Wars (episode IV for the geeks) that begins with a hysterical crawl about Angelina Jolie. We have Darth Stewie, Leia (Lois), Han (Peter), Luke (Chris), Obi-Wan (Herbert, the pervert), C3P0 (Quagmire), R2D2 (Cleveland), Chewie (Brian) and the monster in the trash chute (Meg). We have cameos by just about everyone who’s ever had a recurring role in Family Guy.

There’s a great bit about John Williams, a funny thing with the couch, and watch out for the limp light sabre. This episode just really has a lot going for it. And the Asteroid Field. Yes. Definitely that. Lots of little cheap shots at Star Wars, done in an obvious fan-boy loving sort of way. There is more sexual innuendo in this episode than the entire last season combined. We finally learned why it’s called a Tie Fighter. And there are cameos out the ass.

I cannot recommend this enough. It’s a shame they’ll break the two parter up, because it will lose a great deal if not seen as one continuous episode.

Man. It’s amazing. A one-hour animated Star Wars. It works, dammit. IT WORKS. I think I like it better than the real Star Wars.

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