I’m Tired and It’s Your Fault

Well, probably not, but now you’re paying attention.

First, for the Lost fans out there, I present to you, by way of Sue, Barenaked Hurley which is hysterical. All but one of the video links are removed for DMCA violations but the lyrics are still posted. And the audio for the current entry works fine. It’s funny. If you don’t watch Lost, don’t go as it will mean nothing to you.

Randy presents music from a Tesla Coil. No, really. That’s to the YouTube video. This is only for the true geeks but it’s absolutely fantastic. A Tesla coil is a resonant transformer circuit invented by Nikola Tesla in the late 1800’s. It’s used to produce high voltage, high current, high frequency alternating current electricity. A Tesla Coil is something that will, invariably, appear on Lost before the end of the series. I’m sure with all their geeky uses of Faraday and such, Tesla is due 🙂

V, as those of you watching know, showed four episodes and is now on break until March 2010. If you liked Anna (Morena Baccarin), and want to see more, click here (over 18 only). And while we’re on this topic, AOL which is generally useless, provides these twelve things you didn’t know about sex. Yeah, you probably knew some of them, but it’s still educational.

The real Michael Yormark (not to be confused with FMY) saw me at last night’s game, looked right at me, and then high-tailed it out of there without acknowledging me. Do I care? No. Am I amused? Heartily so. Sadly, he’s good at his job which is whoring out selling advertising space. John’s parents who were at the first game, without any prompting, asked why, with all the advertising, they had to pay to get into the game. It doesn’t get any better than that. (Last night’s luggage tag give-away was awesome, and if you got one and don’t want it, send it my way.)

Today was errand day, with trips to the post office, dry cleaner, Publix, and the mall. The mall? The day after Black Friday? Yeah, the mall. And that’s how I felt. But I had a plan. I figured I’d get there around 1030, park right near the store I needed (Lindt), go in, buy my stuff, and get out. And hopefully not be killed in the process. I got there at 1044am and there was tons of parking. Everywhere. So I parked by Bass Pro Shops (because it’s more convenient for me) and walked through the entire mall, which was eerily silent and empty. Lots of huge sales, but except for one rugby shirt, I didn’t buy anything. You can’t beat $20 for a rugby shirt.

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