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JD Salinger Buys an iPad. Not.

First, RIP to legendary author and recluse Jerome David Salinger who died today. In an AP story today humorist John Hodgman was quoted as saying, “I prefer to think JD Salinger has just decided to become extra reclusive.” Mr Salinger was most famous for introducing world to Holden Caulfield. Next up, a quick nod to […]

I’m Tired and It’s Your Fault

Well, probably not, but now you’re paying attention. First, for the Lost fans out there, I present to you, by way of Sue, Barenaked Hurley which is hysterical. All but one of the video links are removed for DMCA violations but the lyrics are still posted. And the audio for the current entry works fine. […]

Heroes vs Lost v2

A long time ago, I compared these two shows. May 2007 to be exact. Two years on, where are we? Heroes just concluded its fourth season. Lost does in a few weeks. More importantly, when Heroes returns for season five, and it will, I will not be returning with it. While there were some good […]

A long Diatribe and some updates

First, I must say, the Panthers are sucking so bad, it’s embarrassing. They are a train wreck. How bad is it? Legendary fan and media-whore VanMurph finally thew a fit over it and has jumped in with the rest of us who are saying what the fuck is wrong with this team? You know, many […]

Wherefore art thou Eric J. Hedlund?

So, every now and again I like to check up on my “missing” friends — you know the people you lost contact with, but you wish you hadn’t. I guess it’s sort of nostalgic. There aren’t that many that I’ve lost touch with that I wish I could reconnect with, but there are a few. […]

Heroes vs Lost

I read this blog post today and it prompted me to write my own. The aforementioned blog discusses the merits of Heroes vs Lost. We all have our opinions, and as such I feel obligated to deliver mine. But first let’s discuss the shows. Lost has and always will have a cooler concept. The whole […]