Heroes vs Lost v2

A long time ago, I compared these two shows. May 2007 to be exact. Two years on, where are we?

Heroes just concluded its fourth season. Lost does in a few weeks. More importantly, when Heroes returns for season five, and it will, I will not be returning with it. While there were some good moments, this season the only redeeming characters were Mama Petrelli and Danko. I liked that one kid who went on the road trip with Sylar, but he was a bit player. Oh, and Rebel is still cool. But the story became more and more absurd. Hiro turned into a prick and fucked with Ando. They made the one character I really loved into an arse. And they played time-travel and lost. Heroes is over for me, I am sorry to say. This concludes me watching it.

Lost is not as good as it was. But, except for those few weeks of shame, it’s been consistently better. The characters are better, the story’s more interesting, and I just like it better. They, too, took the dangerous steps in to the waters of time-travel but they mucked it up less. It’s been doing everything (mostly) right while Heroes just got everything (mostly) wrong. Lost will return for its fifth and final season next year, and I will be along with it.

In an unrelated tangent, one of the most searched on terms to hit this blog in the last few weeks is “how many double decker buses can fit in the O2” — I’m ranked second in search on that, and oddly the O2 isn’t ranked at all. The answer is 18,000 — must have been a trivia question at a radio station or something. Dunno.

And thanks, as always, to Jose for putting up with my questions and supplying the answers anyway. Off to see Beatlemania at HRC with Karen tomorrow and then bowling Friday with John after work. Oh, and I’ve got a haddock. Thanks for caring.

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