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How To Fix Congress

My dear friend Fran sent this along to me. I can’t think of a reason to disagree. Politically she’s pretty much damn near opposite of me on most things but sometimes we agree spot-on.Proposed Congressional Reform Act of 2010 Then we have to discuss the iPad which as I said in a previous post may […]

Things Of Randomness

My guest bathroom now has new fixtures: nice, brushed pewter things to replace the ugliness that was there before. My downstairs bathroom also has a new fixture to replace the ugliness that was there before. I’ve also got a new flapper in the downstairs commode to replace the wonky one. I am pleased with the […]

Roto-Rooter Sucks: DO NOT USE THEM

This was just emailed to Roto-Rooter Dear Sir/Madam/Etc: You may notice it’s 10:28pm as I write this. Why, you may ask? Good question since my appointment was at 530pm. I called you guys on Saturday and set up an appointment for Tuesday from 530 to 730pm. I’m a long-time customer and I gave you, in […]

Spectacular Fail

I had a nice early holiday at Grandma’s. Me, Mom, and my Aunt all chipped in and got her a 26″ LCD flat screen to replace her 21″ tube TV which was slowly dying. Sophia (a vendor of mine in China) sent a beautiful walking cane for her. By far the nicest gift of the […]

Overstock.com and doing the right thing

So, I was on-line today and noticed a banner ad (hey, it was flash and I couldn’t block it) that actually interested me because it said “free 1 day shipping” and it was from overstock.com which, I assumed, was a reputable company with whom I had previously done business. The item in the ad was […]

Why am I up at 348am?

OK, it’s 452am as I start this post, because beforehand I checked my credit card receipts against my statements,  made a post over at the Panthers Hockey Message Boards,   filed my medical receipts for the week,  had a drink of water (twice 4x),  turned on the TV looking for something and found the last […]

The first of three boring weekend days…

Today did not start of auspiciously. Slept like shit — that’s becoming par for the course. I go to bed at 11 and sleep for 3 to 4 hours. Wake up and then toss and turn in 30 to 40 minute chunks for the remainder of the night until time to get up. Got out […]

An especially bad night…

Sleepless, painful, hot, cold, anxiety, heart racing, panic. Just too much. However, it prompted me to act this morning. I’m not better by any means, but there’s some progress made. I haven’t worked a full day in two weeks — missing mornings or evenings or mid-days for doctor appointments and such. This just isn’t good. […]

BMW Sucks, Enterprise Doesn’t, and Other Stuff

Let’s start with the good: Enterprise Rent-A-Car. In a previous post I detailed the misery of the first car they gave me: two flat tires, faulty transmission, broken key, smelled like cigarettes, and was dirty as hell. When I complained they didn’t even care and was left on my own to deal with a crap […]

Ann Coulter, Republican Governors, MRIs, and a bitch

Another GOP governor was caught in the arms of another woman, tearfully confessing after excerpts from his randy emails were posted. Apparently Republican governors are irresistible sex magnets with no ability to honour their commitments to their loved ones. That or Democrats are just not getting caught. This adds to the “politicians are scum” collection. […]