Why am I up at 348am?

OK, it’s 452am as I start this post, because beforehand I

  • checked my credit card receipts against my statements, 
  • made a post over at the Panthers Hockey Message Boards,  
  • filed my medical receipts for the week, 
  • had a drink of water (twice 4x), 
  • turned on the TV looking for something and found the last bit of an episode of the Office (UK),
  • posted to Facebook  
  • exchanged IMs with Suzie-Q.

So, on to the blog post. The Panthers won, which pleased me, almost as much as the fact I felt healthy enough to go to the game. They were lucky because the first period they didn’t even show up. Stupid Panthers. Before the game we three (John, Liz, me) ate at Stevie-B’s and it was tasty and as a bonus was real, solid food. Stevie-B’s does kill you on the add-ons to the food. So, while nothing on the menu is expensive (everything we had was $8 or less) it was still over $65 plus tip for three of us. I hate nickel-and-diming like that.

I got home from the hockey game and took my temperature — 99ish which is just about right. Took a nice, hot, scalding shower because my muscles really hurt from all the hacking. I’m still hacking. Sometime in the small hours — the early part of the 3am block somewhere — I woke up to pee. With all the liquid I’ve been drinking since I got sick, this is not an uncommon occurrence. I got back into bed. I realized some time later I was wide awake. So, I got up and did the above errands.

So I figured I should blog because, you know, there are a quarter of a million of you just dying to know what time I wake up to pee. I get e-mail about that all the time. If you believe that, you’re an idiot 🙂

There’s more on the Nucor case. Lots more. First of all, I’d love to go on about most of it, but for legal reasons I can’t at this time. I am going to send a formal complaint to the ITC and US Department of Commerce and ask this man’s testimony be stricken from the record due to apparent perjury and am also pursuing a libel case against him and will also find the state in which he’s registered with the bar and request he be disbarred. There is a national publication in which he said something untrue that not only offended me, I can prove it was a lie, he could have and should have known it was a lie, and was just too damned lazy to bother to check — much like all of his other research.  If anyone out there knows how to find out where an attorney is registered with the bar and how to file a formal complaint (as an individual and not a company), I would love to know. (A perjury charge in front of a Federal inquiry is absolutely, positively grounds for being disbarred, and since I have a copy of the testimony, a magazine article, both with the same approximate statement, the magazine has already apologized, I have concrete proof, I’m itching to do the right thing.)

The Nucor thing has been admitted but is panelled for review with a decision date of 6 November. There was a lot said, some of it good, some of it not so good. They were clearly surprised at the number of objections. Some heavy hitters spoke out. I’ve also received two letters of thanks from Chinese / Taiwanese suppliers saying I’m a hero to the industry. One was from someone we do business with, the other from someone I never heard of. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. What I am very pleased at, though, is the amount of ill-will Nucor has made for itself. They are going to be unpleasantly surprised at how many people will not buy from them even if it means paying more money to go elsewhere. They will have spent a great deal of money to help their competition. It shows, of course, that some very large companies don’t think very hard and, as I alluded to in the company’s formal complaint, if you don’t know your customer, you will not succeed.

It’s funny. Interstate is a very low-key company, and we never make waves, just trying to do our thing, make our customers happy, and so on. We rarely make public waves like this. In fact, this is only the second time. The first was a public safety issue where we ultimately were able to have a product we felt extremely unsafe recalled nationwide over the manufacturer’s objections. It took lawyers and lots of money to have it done, but people’s lives were in immediate danger. This is just as important, thousands of American jobs are in danger, maybe tens of thousands. Entire companies are in danger, but apparently Nucor feels their jobs are more important than our jobs. We (and I) beg to differ.

(Oh, and a special fuck-off to Phil at Nova who outright plagiarized my formal objection to the ITC and literally copied the entire first draft of the letter typos and all and filed it. He got an incendiary letter from me as well.)

Enough about Nucor. I really want to say a lot, but I simply can’t right now. Please be patient. If you are interested in the public transcripts, filings, and whatnot. I have all of it already. If you email me at work, I will share with you all the public documents (boring as hell) to save you the trouble of requesting them and such.

I took my temperature just now (518am) and it’s 98.1 which is too low but I’m feeling okay. I’m just not tired. Which sucks.

This weekend proves to be exciting if I can keep up the pace. Saturday — oh, right, later this morning — I am planning to see Wild Things with Karen and Liz. Then off to the art museum because they have an awesome looking exhibit (Liz sent me a picture and I was, like, I must
see this.)

Sunday AM I am going to the flea market with Timmy. Then I am going to go to the arena to pick up my season ticket holder gift which is, allegedly, a lawn chair. They also have open skate for those who participated in the Fanatic Early Renewal package. So that will be my attempt at exercise.
A few friends are ignoring me, and I am sad over it. When I have more strength, I suppose I’ll have to deal with that.

I’m suddenly very itchy and have been drinking tons and tons of water since I work up.

I still get regular blog hits for “Rock Beach Grill” — the restaurant I reviewed some time back. You know, one would figure they’d have contacted me to at least apologize for my experience and hope I’d write something nice. No, they’d rather newrly 3,000 people so far read that review and leave it as one of the top matches at both Yahoo and Google. BTW, if you’re ever in Pembroke Pines, don’t eat there unless you like spiders in your drinks and then still get charged for those drinks (see review).

Lastly, and it’s almost 6am, so I should try for a nap, I ate at Tony Roma’s again recently. It was not my choice as I vowed to never return because Tony Roma’s sucks donkey balls (link to review). Two and a half years since my initial visit and five attempts to get a reply (documented all over my blog) have yielded not even the courtesy of a phone call. But, a client insisted, so we went. I am pleased to report that (A) the service was horrific, (B) the food was horrible, (C) the restaurant wasn’t clean, (D) they still charge for the bread. Now, “B” concerns me here because that’s never been a problem. How the hell does a rib place screw up the ribs? I had St Louis and my client had Baby Backs. Two different kinds of ribs. They were not moist, not fall off the bone, and quite nasty. Neither of us finished. The client has vowed to never return. Because I am very friendly with this client, I was able to get away with an “I told you so” 🙂

Yeah, let’s try bed. I expect to fail, still.

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