All Sorts Of News

First, a quick health update. My fever is finally gone after maxing out at a little over 103. Not the highest I’ve ever had, but still very unpleasant. That means I am not contagious anymore. However, you are contagious before you know you have it. If you were in contact with me Sunday or Monday, be alert for a dry, hacking cough. If you get one, go to your doctor immediately and do not wait. It’ll keep you in better shape. I still hurt everywhere (muscle aches and brutal headaches) and while the cough itself doesn’t hurt, it’s wreaking havoc on my throat and stomach muscles.

I am on disc 3 of the Beatles Remastered (Stereo) box set. I’m not listening in any particular order, but I am enjoying them. Some songs sound damned near identical, others are vastly different. I can only encourage all Beatles fans to rush out and buy this overpriced box set.

I’m sure you all heard by now the sad story of the kid who jumped into his parents’ hot air balloon which wasn’t properly tethered and it sailed off at altitudes of over 8000 feet before crashing some sixty miles away. Live video was shown all over the national news. The boy’s body wasn’t found at the crash site, leading them to speculate he may have lost consciousness and fallen out somewhere along the way.

And I present, courtesy of Jose, a video of the best hockey goal ever. He’s nine years old but plays on a team of twelve-year-olds because he’s so good. The next Wayne Gretzky and you saw it here (there) first. I can promise you that goalie will have nightmares over this one.

My friend Richard Meeks was filmed as part of a documentary on Dungeon Masters. A small segment was filmed at my house a few years back. I’m hoping it was edited out. Anyway, the trailer is now available and it was even a selection at the Toronto Film Festival.

I am presently doing laundry because based on the amount of flu-caused sweating, they’ve either got to be burned or washed. And a last-minute addendum (Thanks Mark Fischel, who wasn’t sure if it was satire or not): Some twat posted a long lament about Rush not being allowed to own an NFL team. I read it several times, and was sure the person posting it must have been jesting. No, he’s serious. To which I say: You have no right to own a team in any league. That decision is the sole provenance of the league owners. (Who, if you will check, are almost are Republicans.) They do not wish to bring further embarrassment upon the league. Rush’s mouth put him right in the grave he dug for himself. Let me assure you Rush is not me because he embarrasses me. He’s an affront to all intelligent people of either party. I wish he’d take his ball and go home like the child he is. Or, to be childish like Rush is, sod off and bugger off.

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