Rock Beach Grill (Pembroke Pines, Florida) Review

This past Friday evening I ate at the above-named restaurant at 11825 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines. The service started out pretty good. I had ordered a Mango Lemonade to drink, and it was quite tasty. I ordered a second one, which arrived, and I took a sip. I noticed something in it. It was a small spider, and it was swimming. It eventually drowned by the time the waiter came back. I pointed it out. He briefly apologized and brought another one. Which had a small spider in it — I suspect it was the same one and they thought I’d not notice it. I sent it back again, got an apology, and another one was brought — spider free. We’ll get back to this.

The food was decent and under any other circumstances, I’d go back. But I won’t. Why?

When there’s a problem of a “bug” nature, a manager should come and apologize. I’m willing to let that slip on the first round. The second time, inexcusable. Worse, when the third one (bug free) came he tried to tell me it wasn’t a spider but something from a “lime” — limes don’t go in lemonade and lime parts don’t have legs and crawl.

The service from that point on went downhill. I didn’t ask for a manger, though I should have. What really pissed me off was the fact they CHARGED me for the lemonade and refill. That should have been on the house. We paid, left, and will never return.

Ice Skating today was fun. Just Evan, John, and me. Breakfast included Liz and Dave as well. Glad we’re doing this. It’s healthy and fun. Saw John’s new skates. Liked ’em a lot. Nice work. Makes me want a new pair.

In other news, I heard from Josh. Really. Wow. I’m gobsmacked and working on seeing what develops from that. That is good news. A most welcome voice from my past — and I don’t welcome most voices from the past. Once something is buried, it should stay that way.

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