NASA Confirms Life On Mars

Well, almost. Bacteria is life of a sort. NASA is expected to confirm that there was life on Mars sixteen million years ago. They have reportedly found evidence of bacteria that does not have terrestrial origins. This advance report in the UK’s Telegraph is astounding. Dr Emily Baldwin sums it up best herself, “If the features turn out to have an extraterrestrial, biological origin and were not formed during the 13,000 years the meteorite spent lying on Earth, this will have profound implications for our understanding of how life evolved in the solar system.” It’s coming. Really. Prepare yourself. (Thanks to Rob Barry for this one.)

Dan H posted this on his Facebook account, and because Dan has always been a bit odd, and I mean that in the nicest way possible*, I had to follow the link. I read it. Twice. I have yet to decide if this is legitimate or legitimate satire or maybe it’s parody. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s damn funny. Especially if it’s real. Yes, it’s the Christian Anti-Porn add-on for Firefox. I wish someone would test it and report back. I’m not installing it on my machine.

A brief Black Friday report. On the way back from Thanksgiving Dinner, I passed BrandsMart USA at around 8pm and there were already a few dozen people in line. Some fifteen minutes later I passed BestBuy in Hialeah and the parking lot was full. Full. This morning, bored off my arse, I decided I would take a drive and get something to eat for breakfast since none of my alleged friends saw fit to suggest we eat this morning. I drove by the Sweetwater BestBuy at 910am and it was a madhouse. The parking lot was full, the street swales were buried in cars. The back streets were full. Nearly as crowded as BrandsMart will be later today — where cars are traditionally backed up on to the highway and they often park on the highway shoulder. The mall, surprisingly, had tons and tons of parking. Atlanta Bread was closed, so I ate a Cinnabon. Blech.

There are certain people who are especially scummy. Some guy had posted a video on YouTube of him torturing a cat named Dusty — video and account long since removed. I came across this story about the users of 4Chan who helped track the scumbag down and he was arrested. If you want more on the cat story, you can click here but I do not suggest it. Animal abuse is the worst kind of abuse. The folks at 4Chan receive tons of negative publicity, some of which they may deserve, but the fact that they do stuff like this is a good thing. It also shows what a pissed off internet community can do, and further serves to remind everyone that no matter what you do, where you are, you are never truly anonymous on the internet if someone puts their mind to it. 4Chan is quite amusing at times and they have a disposition towards craziness, which is a good thing.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep so I was watching some late night (aka early morning) television and there was a special on the Travel Channel of  ‘extreme’ restaurants by which they really mean weird. Lots of TV programmes confused ‘extreme’ with ‘weird’ but I digress as I am wont to do. One of the restaurants was called Modern Toilet Restaurant. First, read this blog entry, and then head over to their official website (the URL goes to the English part but there’s still some Chinese there, plus some beautiful Engrish as well). Go to the menu section as a picture is worth a million words.

Game tonight and pre-game food at Mario The Baker’s. No idea what to do for the next five hours. Blech. Or all day tomorrow and Sunday for that matter.

* in case he’s reading 🙂

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