Post 800 – Rapture!

This is, as far as my count shows, really post 800. I did a count and sync and I do believe this is the real deal. 800 posts and over 250,000 visitors. I think that makes my blog popular, though why continues to be a big mystery.

Today’s first entry (all edited to preserve privacy) is stolen from a Facebook status entry for my friend Cheryl ” ‘I didn’t know I needed permission to help people.’ — Michelle after being chastised by her teacher for not getting permission to sell the cookies and brownies she made to raise money to send to Haiti in response to their massive earthquake. PS: She made $90.00 in one day. I’m so proud of her. ” First, I’m proud of Cheryl’s daughter too. The teacher, not so much. I replied “Good for her. Cheryl, might I suggest you call the principal and say something. What your daughter did should be commended and not chastised. I am glad you’re proud of her and you need to back her up. The world needs more people like her and less of a teacher who would chastise a student for doing Good Work and the parents who obviously raised her properly.”

I continue to watch the Late-Night Wars and I have to stop as I am not getting enough sleep to function at work. The Wall Street Journal has weighed in with this gem of an essay . They go on to say why comics are no longer laughing at the Leno situation. And quite frankly, I completely understand. Leno is many things, but funny isn’t one of them. At least not anymore. Poor Johnny Carson is rolling over in his grave.

The Florida Panthers replaced their mini-Mascot. We have a full sized one and a small one. They looked basically the same. Now, not so much. This is a conglomeration of Evan’s writing and mine: First they showed a video on the Jumbotron of Mini Stanley getting sucked into the engine compartment of a Zamboni. After, he was rushed to the hospital and they showed him in surgery and then they briefly showed some sort of grey, scarred, macabre interim face before he was bandaged. After the surgery, they unveiled the new face. So, the character they invented to be less intimidating to kids has now scared them shitless by showing him in a “horrific” accident and coming out with zombie eyes and a Botox face. Evan’s kid was so scared he couldn’t sleep all night and Evan filed off a complaint to the Panthers. Mini Stanley thread here. It’s not so much one small thing as the Panthers continue to shit on their fans’ day after day and the fans continue to take it. Our group has decided to draw a line in the sand. We’ll see what happens. Keep up to date in this thread.

For those of you travelling into the United States, be prepared for even tighter security. The CBC is reporting that airlines are being notified by TSA to expect new even more stringent regulations to be imposed soon.

I mocked Pat Robertson the other day in my blog over his offensive and racist anti-Haiti comments. I figured he’s always at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to that. He normally makes Rush Limbaugh look sane and normal. Well Rush has outdone himself and pretty much confirmed he’s a racist, misanthropic, twat with his drivel. Even Rachel Maddow of MSNBC has proven to be a moron, though at least she’s not a moron. Do these people have any clue? It’s just repugnant to see how disgusting these ‘people’ are. I can’t envision I come from the same species as these shit-spewing scum. With that preface here’s a clip of John Stewart (of who I am not a big fan) commenting on video clips of all three of them.

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