Why Led Zeppelin Sucks

OK, that’s not true but it certainly got your attention. You’re here reading, aren’t you?

Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” definitely is a classic work that sits atop the pantheon of rock songs that will last forever. Nobody would deny it is a singular work of art. I love that song.

However, I was realizing today, that after listening to nearly an entire album, that they are perhaps the most overrated band of all time. That is to say, they are very talented, but people rate them way beyond what they deserve. They have 2, maybe 3, standout songs on a good album. People talk as if they’re unequalled and I disagree. “Kashmir” is great, so is “Stairway” but a lot of their stuff is, quite frankly, throwaway.

The Rolling Stones have (on their older albums) more good songs per album. The oeuvre of the Stones, Beatles, and even Elvis is much better. I think Zeppelin’s oeuvre pales in comparison.

For example, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” has more good songs on it than all of Zeppelin’s albums put together, yet many people claim Led is better. I disagree. You can all hate me for this, but I had to say it.

— E

NOTE: I have made a follow up blog post in October 2007.

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NOTE 7-24-08: Here’s AUDIO backup for those claiming plagiarism in the comments. They claim being Led is the best COVER BAND of all time. Let your ears decide. All bands certainly “borrow” work to some extent, but this is quite extensive.

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